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Adventures in Africa

2022 Uganda Tour

Encouragement for Leaders!

What a blessing and privilege to be able to report the goodness of God during our recent 4-week tour of Uganda! Over 1,300 leaders in five locations were strongly encouraged by our course entitled “Becoming like Jesus.” Many people were healed as well during the course meetings and in Sunday morning church services, and in the guest house in northern Uganda where we couldn’t leave without seeing little 3-year-old Vienna’s ears healed.

To read the full praise report, click HERE.

–Steve Trullinger, June 2022

Surgery or Vacation?

Near the end of our recent Uganda Leadership Tour, we had a few moments to minister healing to Vienna, the 3-year-old daughter of David and Elizabeth who oversee the Guest House where we stayed in the northern city of Gulu.  

Vienna’s ears were severely impacted by a bout with COVID-19 and her eardrums had difficulty moving because of blockages.  On the Thursday morning of our departure from Gulu to return to Entebbe in the south, we made sure we had time to take authority over the hearing loss to get this precious girl healed, and her hearing was dramatically improved!

Her family (dad David just behind Vienna in the photo, mom Elizabeth standing to my left, and older sister [not in photo but in school that morning]) had planned a visit to a doctor in Johannesburg, South Africa, early the next week to have surgery done on Vienna’s ears.  

I received a report from David while I was on my way home to California the next week: the Johannesburg doctor examined Vienna’s ears and they were totally normal, avoiding the need for surgery! Praise the Lord!

So the family shifted the trip from surgery focus to “vacation” status!

Added note: Tamara (the woman standing in the middle of the picture) was so moved by Vienna’s healing that she asked us to minister healing to her back which had been in pain for 15 years! So, Steven (wearing the orange cap) commanded healing and all Tamara’s pain left her back! 

–Steve Trullinger, June 2022

Brought Back to Life!

Where I live in Kakamega, I am neighboring Muslims and my son Emmanuel is a friend of some Muslim boys and girls. So a Muslim man whose name is Juma, whose children are friends of my son, fell sick and my son came to me and informed me to go and pray for that man but then I delayed a little. The Muslim religious leader (Sheikh) went to say some Islamic prayers before I went there and a voice spoke, do not go until I will allow you to. The following day, the man was announced dead. The report of this man’s death went up to school where a young daughter, one of my son’s friend, learn.

What I would like you to get in mind is, whenever these children play together with my son, he usually mentions the name of Jesus demonstrating to those Muslim children how we preach at the Church and people get slayed and get healed.

So listen to this, coming back to the Muslim’s daughter, when she came back to their home and found that people were crying and had already put the body of her father on a mat, preparing now a white clothe to put in the body of her father, she told her mother that, “If our father is really dead then take care of the title deed of our land, if it is the will of God for our father to die, but before that Mama let me take this Holy Bible and read the book of Psalms” She just opened and started reading, of which she does not remember chapter or the verse.

After that she pressed the stomach of her father and called the name of Jesus Christ, and asked her mother to help to let her father sit. Many of the Muslims and many other people around thought that the girl’s head was disturbed because of the father’s death, but she insisted for her mother to help her let her father sit upright. The mother obeyed and helped to let her father stand upright, and then she called the name of Jesus again.

She said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, father come back to life!” Her father opened his eyes and came back to life. When he came back to life, the first thing he said, “Call for me Pastor Charles Omuroka, for I would like him to lead me to Christ, for I will never go back to a Mosque but to Church.” I was called at around 8.45 pm, and now I remembered what the Lord had spoken to me that I will get there by his timing. I led this Islamic man to Christ and felt peace in his heart. This Sunday of July 12th, 2009 this Islamic man called Juma came to Church with all his family members.

Charles Omuroka

God is Doing a New Thing

You prophesied on Kijiji Cha Amani and said, “God will do anew thing in that place” and for sure, He has done! A bridge was constracted right at the place you spoke from, which now has connected the two villages and a street light has been erected to give light to the people during the night and to make the place now peaceful (Amani) in the night! We thank God for your prophecy which has come to be true.

Dog Healed!

You once told me to pray for my animal patients and I thought that was weird. Now am glad to tell you that I prayed for a dog, Tiger, and he had a rapid improvement. He had kidney problems and now he has been discharged! Thanks Steve; to God be the glory! Racheal

Stomach Pain Healed

Praise the Lord, my name is Eunice M, the third born in a family of four. My father passed on while I was a little child and my mum was left with four of us to take care of and provide all we needed. At the age of six I was admitted in Class 1 and when I got to Class 8 this thing turned around against me. I still remember one good Saturday when our uncle who was living in Nairobi invited us for a party after he had come back to the village for Christmas celebration.

After we had eaten as much as anyone needed, I went back home to my mum that night I did not sleep. There was such terrible pain in my stomach that I thought I would be dying the next minute. From that day I developed a problem in my stomach and there was a hard thing like a stone in my stomach and I could even feel it. Because I had done my Class 8 exam at the end of that year the results were now out and I had done so well; but the devil wanted to destroy my life.

In January 2011 I received an admission letter to one of the best girls High Schools in our area but I could not go, the reason being that I was going through severe pain and my mother could not manage to pay my school fees. I then moved from the village to Mombasa to stay with my cousin and also to seek for advanced treatment.

We went from one doctor to another and one church to another for prayer and also one native doctor to another but it did not get well.

In 2011 August a friend invited us for a Gospel Crusade in Kongowea (Mombasa) where we lived and attended on Sunday. After the preacher had preached on how Jesus healed all manner of sickness and diseases, I requested everyone who was believing God for a miracle to believe as he prayed.

As the man (who was a Mzungu [white person], Steve) was praying, I felt fire in my stomach and as though there were things that were being removed from my stomach. I didn’t even bother to keep thinking about it because it was a problem I had gotten used to. Later when we went home that night I realized that there was no pain and that hard thing in my stomach had disappeared! Praise the Lord I was healed.

The following Sunday I went to church and felt so good. The same day I give my life to Jesus and my life was totally free.

In January 2012 my pastor organized my going back to school Class 8 and I accepted. I sat for my final exam at the end of the year 2012 and I passed so well.

In January 2013 I was admitted to a High School and through the assistance of my Pastor I began my secondary education and am well to this day of writing this testimony.

God has done great miracles in my life.

May His Name be praised now and forever! Amen.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Blind Eyes Opened!

On the fourth night of our Freedom Festival in Gulu (northern Uganda), the authority of the believer was demonstrated with power! (Mt 10:1; Mk 16:17-18; Lk 10:19) After I encouraged the believers in the crowd of over 10,000 in their authority as disciples of Jesus, we jointly commanded every devil to leave the people, the field, and the entire town of Gulu! Roughly half the crowd testified by a show of hands that they themselves had been delivered and felt demons flee away from them! (James 4:7) Bwana asifiwe! (Lord be praised!) Then I called for the blind to come to the platform for healing! Two men, both blind in their left eye, came forward and knelt on the platform in humility before God. Team member Shastine Bredlie and I prayed for God to fill my handkerchief with healing anointing a la Paul in Acts 19:11-12, and then Shastine laid the handkerchief on the blind eyes of the men and commanded healing.
The man with a blind eye for over 20 years received his sight and was able to correctly identify objects with his newly healed eye! The other blind man needed additional ministry by the team on the platform, and he was touched powerfully by the love of God as he began to see some light. He committed to agree with God that his eye would continue to receive sight and to visit us again on the final night of the Festival in order to testify to his miracle. A third person, a young man blind in his left eye since birth, came forward and Shastine ministered to him as well. His eye was completely healed, and he was able to correctly identify the color of a tie worn by a man standing far away on the field!
The crowd rejoiced mightily over these miracles, as they demonstrated the authority of the believer over sickness and disease! Finally, I led the crowd in mass healing prayer as they simply waived their handkerchiefs and cloths (anointed by prayer from the platform) at the hundreds of sick people among them. Most were instantly healed because of the commands of the believers who now know their authority! Many people on the field came forward to give their lives to Jesus after these displays of his loving power to heal and deliver! Looking forward, now Gulu has an army of healing ministers who will deliver the city from sickness and disease, and demonic torment! Bwana asifiwe!

Deaf Ear Healed!

The miracles continue in Kisumu, Kenya! On the third night of our Freedom Festival, I preached on the expectation we can have of “extraordinary miracles,” exemplified by the “anointed” handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched Apostle Paul and had power to heal the sick and drive out demons (Acts 19:11-12). To demonstrate, I called for the deaf and a man (Willis) partially deaf in one ear came from the crowd to the platform.

Team member Carol and I joined in laying hands on her handkerchief and releasing healing anointing to the cloth, which she then placed on Willlis’ ear while commanding healing, in Jesus’ name. We tested his hearing and he could hear very well from that previously impaired ear, much to the delight of the crowd and our team! Then, I had the encouraged crowd hold up handkerchiefs, scarves, jackets, etc., so I could pray for healing anointing to fill those items.

Dozens in the crowd were healed as they then simply waved their anointed “items” at the sick and commanded healing. There is extraordinary power in the voice of the believer, as the Holy Spirit partners with our speech that is in agreement with the Father’s will to heal! Bwana asifiwe! (Lord, be praised!)

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Canes for 6 Years, Healed!

FTM Associate Minister Michelle Smith rejoices with this man who was completely healed during her ministry the night before at our Freedom Festival in Kiriaini Village in Murang’a County in central Kenya. He could barely walk with canes for six years before Michelle encouraged volunteers to simply walk by the sick, who were then healed by the power of the Holy Spirit flowing from them (John 7:38-39), a la Peter in Acts, Chapter 5. The man later testified that he walked 5 kilometers (over 3 miles) the next morning with no problem (without the cane which he holds up in victory over his previous affliction!) Bwana asifiwe! (Lord be praised!)

Crushed Leg Healed!

After preaching during worship God just came and healed this man! Hallelujah! Steve told them he got saved during worship without anyone praying for him, and to expect their miracles, for God can touch them any moment.

This man said he didn’t believe it, but when the music started after preaching he felt he wanted to get up and clap, and when he did he realized he had no pain. He he tried to walk without the crutches and realized he was healed!!!

After an accident 2 1/2 years ago, the bones in his leg were so crushed that the doctors said they couldn’t do anything for him!

What’s impossible for man is possible with God!