Our heavenly Father displays indescribable compassion and mercy as he blesses his children with awe-inspiring “touches” that convey his incredible love for us!

Just within the realm of experience of The Father’s Touch Ministries, our TouchTeam of servant-minded staff and volunteers have witnessed quite a remarkable spectrum of methods of “love-display” by Abba as he saves, heals, and restores countless individuals and encourages them in their destiny fulfillment in partnership with the Trinity.  

Many of these “touches” are chronicled in our webpages under the heading of “Touchstones” and we encourage you to visit there to enjoy a rich variety of testimonies of Abba’s goodness that will explode your hope and expectation of divine miracle-working power in the lives of your loved ones.

The growing family of ministries under the FTM “umbrella” also includes several arenas or “targets” for Abba’s love that involve “touches” that transform groups of people, both large and small, through: 

  • mercy outreaches to the poor in desperate need, 
  • practical, life-saving intervention for improved health of very vulnerable children,
  • apostolic impetus among leaders in the Body of Christ to overcome division by forgiving one another,
  • anointed encouragement to leaders in the marketplace and in government positions,
  • and much more!

In this area of our website, we have gathered some of these FTM ministries that have made substantial impact in the past, as well as ongoing ministries that continue to grow and bear a wide variety of “fruit.”

The common theme is that these “touches” from the Father result in significant, and often dramatic, transformation of groups of people and/or advancement of the Kingdom in entire regions.

We pray that you will be strongly encouraged by exploring these “Transforming Touches” of the Father and feel the invitation of the Holy Spirit to join with us in one or more of the ongoing outreaches entrusted to us by Abba. There are wonderful ways that your involvement can not only help display Abba’s love more widely, but also cause delightful transformation of your own heart as you continue to become more like Jesus! Abba desires to increasingly bless you with the joy of knowing that you are “the apple of his eye!”

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