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Adventures in Africa

Brought Back to Life!

By April 10, 2021July 23rd, 2023No Comments

Where I live in Kakamega, I am neighboring Muslims and my son Emmanuel is a friend of some Muslim boys and girls. So a Muslim man whose name is Juma, whose children are friends of my son, fell sick and my son came to me and informed me to go and pray for that man but then I delayed a little. The Muslim religious leader (Sheikh) went to say some Islamic prayers before I went there and a voice spoke, do not go until I will allow you to. The following day, the man was announced dead. The report of this man’s death went up to school where a young daughter, one of my son’s friend, learn.

What I would like you to get in mind is, whenever these children play together with my son, he usually mentions the name of Jesus demonstrating to those Muslim children how we preach at the Church and people get slayed and get healed.

So listen to this, coming back to the Muslim’s daughter, when she came back to their home and found that people were crying and had already put the body of her father on a mat, preparing now a white clothe to put in the body of her father, she told her mother that, “If our father is really dead then take care of the title deed of our land, if it is the will of God for our father to die, but before that Mama let me take this Holy Bible and read the book of Psalms” She just opened and started reading, of which she does not remember chapter or the verse.

After that she pressed the stomach of her father and called the name of Jesus Christ, and asked her mother to help to let her father sit. Many of the Muslims and many other people around thought that the girl’s head was disturbed because of the father’s death, but she insisted for her mother to help her let her father sit upright. The mother obeyed and helped to let her father stand upright, and then she called the name of Jesus again.

She said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, father come back to life!” Her father opened his eyes and came back to life. When he came back to life, the first thing he said, “Call for me Pastor Charles Omuroka, for I would like him to lead me to Christ, for I will never go back to a Mosque but to Church.” I was called at around 8.45 pm, and now I remembered what the Lord had spoken to me that I will get there by his timing. I led this Islamic man to Christ and felt peace in his heart. This Sunday of July 12th, 2009 this Islamic man called Juma came to Church with all his family members.

Charles Omuroka