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Ministry Update

December 5, 2022

Two years ago I was hired with Los Angeles County with the Department of Public Social Services! The District Office I serve in is one of the largest in the county & is located in inner city Compton. The Lord handpicked me for this mission, it is a challenging career but rewarding. I daily minister to and serve hundreds of people who are struggling, broken, suicidal, hurting, feeling hopeless & desperate. Many are in bondage to addictions of drugs/alcohol or escaping physically abusive relationships. As a survivor of domestic violence I have opportunities to serve and minister to countless women of all ages each week who have been victims of abuse. I serve released prisoners, homeless veterans, people who have severe mental and physical disabilities, foster youth/young adults, refugees, people trying to get back on their feet after tragic life accidents/situations.

Please pray for me and the men, women and children that the Lord puts in my pathway to help. It’s very demanding and stressful at times but these lives are precious to me and especially to the Lord! I’m trying to actively find more resources for the women escaping domestic violence in the LA county area, so please pray that these women can have more avenues of hope, safety and opportunities to experience His love and truth for them. Thank you!

–Michelle Smith

What Do Friends Know?

(Fall 2022) Everything!

Well, almost – the exaggeration hopefully summoned your attention. ☺

Intimate friends have strong enough relationships to entrust each other with even their “secrets” that might be misunderstood or misused by those who may be simply acquaintances or “casual friends.”

Jesus declared this aspect of his friendship with his disciples, as recorded in John 15:15:

I have never called you “servants,” because a master doesn’t confide in his servants, and servants don’t always understand what the master is doing. But I call you my most intimate friends, for I reveal to you everything that I’ve heard from my Father. [John 15:15 (TPT)]

Indeed, Jesus held back only what the disciples were not yet ready to grasp but instead promised that the Holy Spirit will eventually unveil these things:

12There is so much more I would like to say to you, but it’s more than you can grasp at this moment. 13But when the truth-giving Spirit comes, he will unveil the reality of every truth within you. He won’t speak his own message, but only what he hears from the Father, and he will reveal prophetically to you what is to come. 14He will glorify me on the earth, for he will receive from me what is mine and reveal it to you. 15Everything that belongs to the Father belongs to me—that’s why I say that the Divine Encourager will receive what is mine and reveal it to you. [John 16:12-15 (TPT)]

There are even hints in the Old Testament of this desire on the part of God to entrust his friends with secrets. For example when Yahweh, along with two angels, appeared in human form to Abraham before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, He said to the two angels, “Should I really hide from Abraham what I intend to do?” [Genesis 18:17 (TPT)]. (Three times in Scripture we see that God called Abraham his friend [2 Chron. 20:7; Isa. 41:8; James 2:23].)

Another Old Testament example of God’s desire to share secrets with friends (his servants the prophets) is recorded by the prophet Amos regarding the intentions of God to take strong action in disciplining his people:

Surely the Lord GOD does nothing without revealing His secret plan [of the judgement to come] to His servants the prophets. [Amos 3:7 (AMP)]

From these Scriptural examples we see that Abba’s desire is to share his intimate secrets with his friends, which is but one of his expressions of deep love for us. Remembering that sharing is “two-way” among friends, let us seek to become vulnerable enough with Abba to share our own innermost thoughts with him. He knows them in any case, but our free expression of these thoughts is evidence of true (and safe!) friendship with our Best Friend!

San Felipe Trip –
Praise Report

Victoria and her team share a report of their experience during a recent missionary trip to San Felipe, Mexico and how God moved powerfully in the midst of the people there.

In visiting a women and men’s rehab facility, they witnessed many women being deeply touched and ministered to by the testimonies being shared by the missionary team members. They began to start hearing and feeling God move in a powerful way.

The team hosted children and youth services where the youth got to learn about identity. Initially, the youth were resistant, but by the end of the trip, most of the youth were on the floor crying as the love and fire of God came upon them.

Pastors in various regions there built connections with the team for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in their own churches and also contended for various areas in their region to open up!

During a time of street ministry, a woman came up to Victoria while she was speaking on the microphone and hugged her. She told her that because of her, she was now out of the rehab center. She said that when she came, God set her free!

Many people were touched and prayed for and a gentleman (named Jesus) shared that God had touched his heart while they were ministering and that he had experienced a level of breakthrough at a greater capacity than any psychologist could have ever walked him through or helped him with. They prayed for him and he was very blessed.

There were many additional accounts of inner healing, healings, deliverances and salvations that happened that weekend. The team was so blessed to see God moving in and through these people’s lives in the ways that He did! It is a trip that the people of San Felipe and that the missionary team will not soon forget!





Vista Marina Trip (8/24/22) – Praise Report

On August 24 we went to Vista Marina by Rosarito Mexico, Dale Hermann preached a powerful message, that encourage everyone to believe Papa God is always so good and desires to love and bless us all the time. Then Ray Fisher have a word of knowledge 4 people come forward and all were healed! If you have back or neck or shoulder pain be healed now in Jesus Name! I saw one of them with a nice in the Spirit i saw it, I pulled it off and the pain left immediately, Chryste Fisher led us in communion and pray for everyone was very awesome! Charlotta Bigelow Hermann was the momma specially for a baby that won’t leave her and fall asleep in her arms. But the most beautiful was to see the faces of the children receiving their backpacks and school supplies they were so so so happy, they were overjoyed and so thankful, all you who donated, you made a child so happy and able to go to school easier for them. Thank you all so much!! God bless you and multiply you in over abundance in Jesus Name!l glory to God to our Father to our Saviour, to His precious Holy Spirit!

Vista Marina Trip (8/8/22) – Praise Report

On August 8 we went to Vista Marina, a very poor community outside of Rosarito Mexico, It was amazing how the Presence of God come to love his sons and daughters in this community, I preached, then as I lead them to an encounter with God, The Lord started moving and you could see ladies crying without anyone touching them and God was healing their souls, Charlotta Bigelow Hermann Prophesied right on words to many in the congregation, Ray Fisher had different words of knowledge with different conditions, we prayed for a lady deaf on one ear and she started hearing, the same lady had headaches for a long time and she was healed, another word of knowledge about a skin condition a lady said she had itchiness and burning on her face skin, we prayed for her and she felt something like coming on her, cleansing her and then she felt the fire of God, she said was really hot! Everyone we prayed for was healed, and all felt the Presence and the fire of God, at the end I prayed with the kids and all received Jesus in their hearts, then everyone wanted me to anointed them with oil as i prophesied and release them into their destiny in God, also a young man Antonio, Charlotta and I prophesied over him ministry and that he should be preaching and the sister in charge said yes! That she felt the same way! Many things happen but specially the love and presence of God was so tangible, Dale Hermann was so anointed as he prayed and released blessings over the congregation and the community, this man of God is completely apostolic as he orchestrates everything so we all get to be whom God says we are!
After we went to have a delicious dinner, it was an amazing day, every single moment was orchestrated by our Father so beautifully! All glory to God to our Father to our Saviour, to His precious Holy Spirit!

Friends Share Their Hearts!

(Summer 2022)

Friendship with the Father has a thrill factor that must be somewhere around infinity!

If that sounds a bit imprecise, especially coming from a former physicist, it is because I don’t think it can be measured. The Father’s love for us is beyond measure and indeed it is infinite because he is! And his friendship entails a deepening of the revelation of his heart to us, and ours to him, even though that sharing is ridiculously lop-sided on any scale.

Nevertheless, we can explore his heart because he has opened it to us, as his friends. And because his heart is the most fascinating place in the universe, we cannot even guess how thrilled we will be at our next discovery of another facet of his multi-textured love. The previous one, whatever it may have been for you, was surely beyond your full understanding!

I emphasized a key implication of friendship with Abba in my previous encouragement in this series for Father’s Friends, but it bears repeating here again because of its enormous blessing.

Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. [John 14:23]

The desire of Jesus and the Father is to “take up residence” with those who love them, with the obvious implication of entwinement of their hearts with the believer. This is one of the hallmarks of close friendship.

Let’s pursue this a little further. The heart-entwinement just mentioned gets us a bit further along the avenue of exquisite thrill! Not only does the Father lovingly search our hearts, but he also invites us to search his and his love is evidenced by the vulnerability he displays as a result.

Exploring this facet of our friendship with Abba could keep us busy on into eternity, but for now, let’s focus on the sharing of emotion with our Friend. He truly cares about our emotions and understands them in exquisite detail. The fact that he gave us the ability to experience emotions is of course (partial) evidence that we are made in his image. But his motive behind this gift in enthralling in its own right – he truly loves us with purity beyond our comprehension.

Indeed, this infinite love of God places a “demand” upon itself, if you will allow me to phrase the concept this way. An example is that he will not withhold any good thing from those whose heart is blameless toward him (see Psalm 84:11 [ESV]) and his emotions are certainly good “things.” What did Abba want to share when he gave us emotions? The obvious answer is that he wanted us to share in his joy. In fact, he takes great delight in us (see Zeph. 3:17) and wants us to be able to do the same, namely take great delight in him (and in each other!). This is just one of the exquisite facets of heart-entwinement with God.

A thrill of this kind of sharing is that we can actually feel the heart of Abba as he experiences emotions of all sorts, and we can know that he feels our emotions as well. He delights right along with us when we hold a new-born baby or tenderly hold a loved one close to us.

There is also an incomprehensible sadness that we can experience when the Father grieves over a child who is lost. To be sure, our own hearts grieve in this way as well, but when we allow Abba’s emotion to permeate our hearts we can sense how he feels in addition. I like to say, in fact, that pure, godly, compassion seeks to make Abba’s heart pain-free, not just our own.

This brings me to another encouragement, perhaps an exhortation, for you. Consider how Abba feels when you pray that his heart would be blessed. I have personally made it a habit to bless my Father’s heart with the fullness of his children taking their places in that infinite heart of love. I can feel his pleasure in that prayer of mine, because our hearts are entwined, and more so every day.

Search Abba’s heart for his emotion that he wants to share with you today, and let your own heart be blessed along with his as you experience the heavenly entwinement of your hearts that increasingly beat as one!



Are You a Friend of the Father?

(Spring 2022)

This is a profound question for the believer. How can you know if you are Father’s friend? Do you have to hear his voice from a cloud declaring such? Are your shortcomings an impediment to friendship with Abba? Is it even possible to be regarded as his friend, and not just his son or daughter?

These are just some of the questions that can swirl through our minds as we contemplate the question posed in the title.

Let me settle the swirl straight away! What matters is Abba’s opinion, not our own perceptions. He calls you his friend, because Jesus has done so. When did Jesus call you his friend? The moment you desired to entwine your heart with his! Jesus announced to his disciples that:

Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. [John 14:23]

The desire of Jesus and the Father is to “take up residence” with those who love them, with the obvious implication of entwinement of their hearts with the believer. This is one of the hallmarks of close friendship. A friend of Jesus is a friend of the Father, because Jesus is the exact representation of the Father. [See Hebrews 1:3] He explicitly said to Philip:

Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. [John 14:9]

It will not change reality if you claim to be unqualified to be Father’s friend. Your desire for entwinement of your heart with his (e.g,, your love for him!) is sufficient, and it trumps all your imperfections that you might list for disqualification. So, let your heart be settled from any swirling in your mind. Receive your status as a friend of the Father, because his desire is stronger than your shortcomings. In future articles, we will gain encouragement as we consider some of the fruit of this glorious, loving, friendship with Abba and that will serve to help us deepen our friendship with him because love begets more love!



Safe Delivery

Dear Steve and prayer team,

“Thank you so much for your prayers for B. and I and [baby] C. who had not yet arrived. You prayed for C. to be blessed, for my delivery to go smooth, and for my home to have continued and increasing peacefulness. Well, C. is as perfect as can be – our little miracle. Whenever people come over to our house they always comment on how peaceful the feeling is when they walk in. And as for my delivery – it was too good to be true! I know all the Drs. and nurses who helped me were chosen by God.

Thank you again for allowing God to work through you in helping me and so many others. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.”

T. & B. – Aug. 2002

Ankle and Knee Healing!

“The Father’s Touch has brought physical as well as spiritual healing to my life. My ankle and knee has been healed for over 6 years now, because TFT obeyed God and took the time to anoint and pray over me for healing. My ankles would lock up on me if I sat still for a while – and I was in my early 30’s – it kept me from really participating in the activities that I loved, like skiing, hiking, ball playing and tennis. It was impossible for me to sit on my legs on the floor w/o my entire legs falling asleep.

TFT team prayed for my healing one night, and though I didn’t feel any difference that night – it became very obvious to me in the next few days that God had healed me through their faithfulness and prayer. I had been in pain for over 3 years – but the Lord allowed me to move freely again and even now, after 6 years, I experience no pain, no lockup, I have skied and played many sports over this time, and I can sit on my legs – and I’m now in my early 40’s. I continue to thank the LORD for my healing and TFT for using their gifts.”

D. – May 2004