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Vista Marina Trip (8/24/22) – Praise Report

On August 24 we went to Vista Marina by Rosarito Mexico, Dale Hermann preached a powerful message, that encourage everyone to believe Papa God is always so good and desires to love and bless us all the time. Then Ray Fisher have a word of knowledge 4 people come forward and all were healed! If you have back or neck or shoulder pain be healed now in Jesus Name! I saw one of them with a nice in the Spirit i saw it, I pulled it off and the pain left immediately, Chryste Fisher led us in communion and pray for everyone was very awesome! Charlotta Bigelow Hermann was the momma specially for a baby that won’t leave her and fall asleep in her arms. But the most beautiful was to see the faces of the children receiving their backpacks and school supplies they were so so so happy, they were overjoyed and so thankful, all you who donated, you made a child so happy and able to go to school easier for them. Thank you all so much!! God bless you and multiply you in over abundance in Jesus Name!l glory to God to our Father to our Saviour, to His precious Holy Spirit!

Vista Marina Trip (8/8/22) – Praise Report

On August 8 we went to Vista Marina, a very poor community outside of Rosarito Mexico, It was amazing how the Presence of God come to love his sons and daughters in this community, I preached, then as I lead them to an encounter with God, The Lord started moving and you could see ladies crying without anyone touching them and God was healing their souls, Charlotta Bigelow Hermann Prophesied right on words to many in the congregation, Ray Fisher had different words of knowledge with different conditions, we prayed for a lady deaf on one ear and she started hearing, the same lady had headaches for a long time and she was healed, another word of knowledge about a skin condition a lady said she had itchiness and burning on her face skin, we prayed for her and she felt something like coming on her, cleansing her and then she felt the fire of God, she said was really hot! Everyone we prayed for was healed, and all felt the Presence and the fire of God, at the end I prayed with the kids and all received Jesus in their hearts, then everyone wanted me to anointed them with oil as i prophesied and release them into their destiny in God, also a young man Antonio, Charlotta and I prophesied over him ministry and that he should be preaching and the sister in charge said yes! That she felt the same way! Many things happen but specially the love and presence of God was so tangible, Dale Hermann was so anointed as he prayed and released blessings over the congregation and the community, this man of God is completely apostolic as he orchestrates everything so we all get to be whom God says we are!
After we went to have a delicious dinner, it was an amazing day, every single moment was orchestrated by our Father so beautifully! All glory to God to our Father to our Saviour, to His precious Holy Spirit!

Friends Share Their Hearts!

(Summer 2022)

Friendship with the Father has a thrill factor that must be somewhere around infinity!

If that sounds a bit imprecise, especially coming from a former physicist, it is because I don’t think it can be measured. The Father’s love for us is beyond measure and indeed it is infinite because he is! And his friendship entails a deepening of the revelation of his heart to us, and ours to him, even though that sharing is ridiculously lop-sided on any scale.

Nevertheless, we can explore his heart because he has opened it to us, as his friends. And because his heart is the most fascinating place in the universe, we cannot even guess how thrilled we will be at our next discovery of another facet of his multi-textured love. The previous one, whatever it may have been for you, was surely beyond your full understanding!

I emphasized a key implication of friendship with Abba in my previous encouragement in this series for Father’s Friends, but it bears repeating here again because of its enormous blessing.

Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. [John 14:23]

The desire of Jesus and the Father is to “take up residence” with those who love them, with the obvious implication of entwinement of their hearts with the believer. This is one of the hallmarks of close friendship.

Let’s pursue this a little further. The heart-entwinement just mentioned gets us a bit further along the avenue of exquisite thrill! Not only does the Father lovingly search our hearts, but he also invites us to search his and his love is evidenced by the vulnerability he displays as a result.

Exploring this facet of our friendship with Abba could keep us busy on into eternity, but for now, let’s focus on the sharing of emotion with our Friend. He truly cares about our emotions and understands them in exquisite detail. The fact that he gave us the ability to experience emotions is of course (partial) evidence that we are made in his image. But his motive behind this gift in enthralling in its own right – he truly loves us with purity beyond our comprehension.

Indeed, this infinite love of God places a “demand” upon itself, if you will allow me to phrase the concept this way. An example is that he will not withhold any good thing from those whose heart is blameless toward him (see Psalm 84:11 [ESV]) and his emotions are certainly good “things.” What did Abba want to share when he gave us emotions? The obvious answer is that he wanted us to share in his joy. In fact, he takes great delight in us (see Zeph. 3:17) and wants us to be able to do the same, namely take great delight in him (and in each other!). This is just one of the exquisite facets of heart-entwinement with God.

A thrill of this kind of sharing is that we can actually feel the heart of Abba as he experiences emotions of all sorts, and we can know that he feels our emotions as well. He delights right along with us when we hold a new-born baby or tenderly hold a loved one close to us.

There is also an incomprehensible sadness that we can experience when the Father grieves over a child who is lost. To be sure, our own hearts grieve in this way as well, but when we allow Abba’s emotion to permeate our hearts we can sense how he feels in addition. I like to say, in fact, that pure, godly, compassion seeks to make Abba’s heart pain-free, not just our own.

This brings me to another encouragement, perhaps an exhortation, for you. Consider how Abba feels when you pray that his heart would be blessed. I have personally made it a habit to bless my Father’s heart with the fullness of his children taking their places in that infinite heart of love. I can feel his pleasure in that prayer of mine, because our hearts are entwined, and more so every day.

Search Abba’s heart for his emotion that he wants to share with you today, and let your own heart be blessed along with his as you experience the heavenly entwinement of your hearts that increasingly beat as one!



Are You a Friend of the Father?

(Spring 2022)

This is a profound question for the believer. How can you know if you are Father’s friend? Do you have to hear his voice from a cloud declaring such? Are your shortcomings an impediment to friendship with Abba? Is it even possible to be regarded as his friend, and not just his son or daughter?

These are just some of the questions that can swirl through our minds as we contemplate the question posed in the title.

Let me settle the swirl straight away! What matters is Abba’s opinion, not our own perceptions. He calls you his friend, because Jesus has done so. When did Jesus call you his friend? The moment you desired to entwine your heart with his! Jesus announced to his disciples that:

Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. [John 14:23]

The desire of Jesus and the Father is to “take up residence” with those who love them, with the obvious implication of entwinement of their hearts with the believer. This is one of the hallmarks of close friendship. A friend of Jesus is a friend of the Father, because Jesus is the exact representation of the Father. [See Hebrews 1:3] He explicitly said to Philip:

Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. [John 14:9]

It will not change reality if you claim to be unqualified to be Father’s friend. Your desire for entwinement of your heart with his (e.g,, your love for him!) is sufficient, and it trumps all your imperfections that you might list for disqualification. So, let your heart be settled from any swirling in your mind. Receive your status as a friend of the Father, because his desire is stronger than your shortcomings. In future articles, we will gain encouragement as we consider some of the fruit of this glorious, loving, friendship with Abba and that will serve to help us deepen our friendship with him because love begets more love!



Safe delivery

Dear Steve and prayer team,

“Thank you so much for your prayers for B. and I and [baby] C. who had not yet arrived. You prayed for C. to be blessed, for my delivery to go smooth, and for my home to have continued and increasing peacefulness. Well, C. is as perfect as can be – our little miracle. Whenever people come over to our house they always comment on how peaceful the feeling is when they walk in. And as for my delivery – it was too good to be true! I know all the Drs. and nurses who helped me were chosen by God.

Thank you again for allowing God to work through you in helping me and so many others. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.”

T. & B. – Aug. 2002

Ankle and knee healing!

“The Father’s Touch has brought physical as well as spiritual healing to my life. My ankle and knee has been healed for over 6 years now, because TFT obeyed God and took the time to anoint and pray over me for healing. My ankles would lock up on me if I sat still for a while – and I was in my early 30’s – it kept me from really participating in the activities that I loved, like skiing, hiking, ball playing and tennis. It was impossible for me to sit on my legs on the floor w/o my entire legs falling asleep.

TFT team prayed for my healing one night, and though I didn’t feel any difference that night – it became very obvious to me in the next few days that God had healed me through their faithfulness and prayer. I had been in pain for over 3 years – but the Lord allowed me to move freely again and even now, after 6 years, I experience no pain, no lockup, I have skied and played many sports over this time, and I can sit on my legs – and I’m now in my early 40’s. I continue to thank the LORD for my healing and TFT for using their gifts.”

D. – May 2004

New happiness and renewed faith!

“I wanted to thank you for your healing prayers. I have felt a new sense of happiness and a renewed faith since meeting with you [the team]. I feel much more positive about trying to get pregnant and I truly believe that God will bless us with a child when the time is right. [9/22/2003]

I didn’t mail this on the 22nd because I knew I would be taking a pregnancy test soon. I found out on the 24th that I’m pregnant! I am so thankful to God. I feel incredibly blessed! I have been telling everyone about your prayer ministry (actually, I was telling people before I found out I was pregnant). Thank you again for helping us connect with our Lord. God bless.”

C. and L. – Sept. 2003

Reducing medications!

“I have been attending Revelation church for several months now with my best friend Donna. I have had 30 surgeries, which included a Pacemaker, and open-heart surgery, Epilepsy since birth, Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia since the age of three. When Steve Trullinger came to church on June 5, 2004 and spoke to us I became overcome with emotions I could not contain. A fire began within my soul that I have been unable to extinguish and it just keeps growing!

When Steve called for people to come up for prayer I did not respond at first and Donna all but pushed me forward. When Steve asked me what I would like him to pray for I told him I would like some relief from the pain of Fibromyalgia. Steve asked me if there were any Masons in my family, there weren’t that I know of, however I come from a long line of Odd Fellows, he said they are the same in essence. Steve then had me pray with him to break some generational curses that he saw surrounding my family and me and then he prayed for me. As Steve began to pray for me I became very, very warm and simply fell to the floor. While lying there I continued to feel this warm sensation and I could not move. I became aware of a voice speaking directly to my heart is the only way I can describe it. The voice said, “I will never leave you!”

Since that night I have been pain free!!!!!! As I was driving to work the following Wednesday morning I was singing songs of praise and taking inventory of my body and thinking about the fact that I was pain free, and that I was ready to give up all pain medication. When all of a sudden I realized that I could feel the fingers on my right hand, which I had been unable to feel since my open-heart surgery in June of 2001! I began to praise God and cry and then started dialing the phone to call Donna, the next thing I know we were both crying. I have been off all of pain medication and have cut down on several other medications because of it. God is truly an Awesome God because He did not stop there. Due to Epilepsy I have never had any feeling on the whole left side of my body (from the midline over), and as an added bonus of all of this God in his awesomeness has given me the feeling back on the left side of my body too!!!!!!!

Steve also prayed that God would heal my heart and that my pacemaker would no longer be necessary, and I look forward to the day when my doctor confirms that news for me! Won’t that be an awesome day Steve! Thank you for coming to speak at our church and for your thoughts and prayers.”

God Bless You All
D. L. M. – June 2004

Update: July 29, 2004

Hello Steve,
I hope God is blessing you and yours as he has continued to bless me! I saw my Cardiologist and he was extremely pleased at my progress. He asked why I had gone off most of my medications and I told him about you praying for me, and I said I realized that some people do not believe in such things and he said ” he believed in what ever works and obviously it was working.” He said, ” Four years ago I did not think I would be having this conversation with you but as far as I am concerned you are healed!” I will see you every six months to track your pacemaker and in 5 years to change it— otherwise you are out of here!

Needless to say I danced all the way out of his office praising God all the way!! He is truly an awesome God and He constantly is showing me in a myriad of little ways that He is there for me in my everyday life. Thank you for your inspiration and your faith.

D. L. M.

New freedom!

“I had been struggling with depression and overall feelings of anxiety for years, at times feeling worse than I did before I reconciled my relationship with my Lord Jesus 8 years ago. Through the Father’s Touch ministry I was able to learn that being saved did not necessarily mean I was free of bondage. I was born in a family that had at one time practiced, for generations, spiritism and Santeria, both very demonic occult practices. To make things worse, I too began to dabble heavily in Eastern religions and New Age philosophies, and they became a way of life for twenty years. Coming to the saving knowledge of Christ gave me the assurance of salvation, but I didn’t feel free.

Through an incredible healing session with Father’s Touch ministry two years ago, I can honestly say that the bondage has broken, I feel free, and I have come to know Jesus in a deeper way. Although the transformation has been a process, my life has changed and I’ve come to experience a level of intimacy with my Lord and a deep love for others that I never thought I could have.”

L. – May 2004