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Safe delivery

Dear Steve and prayer team,

“Thank you so much for your prayers for B. and I and [baby] C. who had not yet arrived. You prayed for C. to be blessed, for my delivery to go smooth, and for my home to have continued and increasing peacefulness. Well, C. is as perfect as can be – our little miracle. Whenever people come over to our house they always comment on how peaceful the feeling is when they walk in. And as for my delivery – it was too good to be true! I know all the Drs. and nurses who helped me were chosen by God.

Thank you again for allowing God to work through you in helping me and so many others. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.”

T. & B. – Aug. 2002

Ankle and knee healing!

“The Father’s Touch has brought physical as well as spiritual healing to my life. My ankle and knee been healed for over 6 years now, because TFT obeyed God and took the time to anoint and pray over me for healing. My ankles would lock up on me if I sat still for a while – and I was in my early 30’s – it kept me from really participating in the activities that I loved, like skiing, hiking, ball playing and tennis. It was impossible for me to sit on my legs on the floor w/o my entire legs falling asleep.

TFT team prayed for my healing one night, and though I didn’t feel any difference that night – it became very obvious to me in the next few days that God had healed me through their faithfulness and prayer. I had been in pain for over 3 years – but the Lord allowed be to move freely again and even now, after 6 years, I experience no pain, no lockup, I have skied and played many sports over this time, and I can sit on my legs – and I’m now in my early 40’s. I continue to thank the LORD for my healing and TFT for using their gifts.”

D. – May 2004

New happiness and renewed faith!

“I wanted to thank you for your healing prayers. I have felt a new sense of happiness and a renewed faith since meeting with you [the team]. I feel much more positive about trying to get pregnant and I truly believe that God will bless us with a child when the time is right. [9/22/2003]

I didn’t mail this on the 22nd because I knew I would be taking a pregnancy test soon. I found out on the 24th that I’m pregnant! I am so thankful to God. I feel incredibly blessed! I have been telling everyone about your prayer ministry (actually, I was telling people before I found out I was pregnant). Thank you again for helping us connect with our Lord. God bless.”

C. and L. – Sept. 2003

Reducing medications!

“I have been attending Revelation church for several months now with my best friend Donna. I have had 30 surgeries, which included a Pacemaker, and open-heart surgery, Epilepsy since birth, Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia since the age of three. When Steve Trullinger came to church on June 5, 2004 and spoke to us I became overcome with emotions I could not contain. A fire began within my soul that I have been unable to extinguish and it just keeps growing!

When Steve called for people to come up for prayer I did not respond at first and Donna all but pushed me forward. When Steve asked me what I would like him to pray for I told him I would like some relief from the pain of Fibromyalgia. Steve asked me if there were any Masons in my family, there weren’t that I know of, however I come from a long line of Odd Fellows, he said they are the same in essence. Steve then had me pray with him to break some generational curses that he saw surrounding my family and me and then he prayed for me. As Steve began to pray for me I became very, very warm and simply fell to the floor. While lying there I continued to feel this warm sensation and I could not move. I became aware of a voice speaking directly to my heart is the only way I can describe it. The voice said, “I will never leave you!”

Since that night I have been pain free!!!!!! As I was driving to work the following Wednesday morning I was singing songs of praise and taking inventory of my body and thinking about the fact that I was pain free, and that I was ready to give up all pain medication. When all of a sudden I realized that I could feel the fingers on my right hand, which I had been unable to feel since my open-heart surgery in June of 2001! I began to praise God and cry and then started dialing the phone to call Donna, the next thing I know we were both crying. I have been off all of pain medication and have cut down on several other medications because of it. God is truly an Awesome God because He did not stop there. Due to Epilepsy I have never had any feeling on the whole left side of my body (from the midline over), and as an added bonus of all of this God in his awesomeness has given me the feeling back on the left side of my body too!!!!!!!

Steve also prayed that God would heal my heart and that my pacemaker would no longer be necessary, and I look forward to the day when my doctor confirms that news for me! Won’t that be an awesome day Steve! Thank you for coming to speak at our church and for your thoughts and prayers.”

God Bless You All
Deborah L. Moritz – June 2004

Update: July 29, 2004

Hello Steve,
I hope God is blessing you and yours as he has continued to bless me! I saw my Cardiologist and he was extremely pleased at my progress. He asked why I had gone off most of my medications and I told him about you praying for me, and I said I realized that some people do not believe in such things and he said ” he believed in what ever works and obviously it was working.” He said, ” Four years ago I did not think I would be having this conversation with you but as far as I am concerned you are healed!” I will see you every six months to track your pacemaker and in 5 years to change it— otherwise you are out of here!

Needless to say I danced all the way out of his office praising God all the way!! He is truely an awesome God and He constantly is showing me in a myriad of little ways that He is there for me in my everyday life. Thank you for your inspiration and your faith.

Deborah L. Moritz

New freedom!

“I had been struggling with depression and overall feelings of anxiety for years, at times feeling worse than I did before I reconciled my relationship with my Lord Jesus 8 years ago. Through the Father’s Touch ministry I was able to learn that being saved did not necessarily mean I was free of bondage. I was born in a family that had at one time practiced, for generations, spiritism and Santeria, both very demonic occult practices. To make things worse, I too began to dabble heavily in Eastern religions and New Age philosophies, and they became a way of life for twenty years. Coming to the saving knowledge of Christ gave me the assurance of salvation, but I didn’t feel free.

Through an incredible healing session with Father’s Touch ministry two years ago, I can honestly say that the bondage has broken, I feel free, and I have come to know Jesus in a deeper way. Although the transformation has been a process, my life has changed and I’ve come to experience a level of intimacy with my Lord and a deep love for others that I never thought I could have.”

L. – May 2004


At my first Father’s Touch conference in September of 2003, I received ministry from Charlie Robinson who broke a “log jam” in my spirit. (I had hit a wall in my relationship with Jesus.)

I knew there was more to do, so I asked Steve Trullinger to pray for me. I had the feeling of a “spiritual claw” on my brain off and on and it was present very strongly at that moment. It oppressed me off and on and kept me from thinking clearly, especially in hearing and revelation of God.

In a heartbeat, Steve broke the power of generational freemasonry off me and I collapsed and the Lord ministered to me very strongly for over 10 minutes. I thought no wonder I was drawn to Mormonism at age 16, when I really wanted Jesus. The “spiritual claw” was gone and I began hearing Him more clearly immediately!

I eventually got up delivered and began walking towards my friend to tell her what happened. Although no one was near me, the power of God threw me to the ground and I ended up on my back looking up towards the ceiling.

The ceiling “disappeared” and I had an open vision. I saw clouds in the sky and a round opening in the clouds (the Lord called it a portal). Then a golden beam came out of it and shone down onto my belly.

The power of God was so strong and the Lord opened my understanding about other past experiences connected to the freemasonry that I was not even aware of. I began breaking them off of me and then began having vision after vision.

This breakthrough pushed me to the next level and I have moved forward since then.

Praise God!

M.H. – Oct. 9, 2004

Sinus being healed

A year ago, I started having sinus problems that led to migraines and cluster headaches. I ended up in the emergency room and hospitalized for ten to twelve weeks. I would cry for two hours a day from the pain. It felt like someone was kicking the inside of my skull. I have never felt so much pain in my life and pray I never will again.

The doctors at first though I had bleeding in the brain because the pain medicine wasn’t working. My neurologist couldn’t figure it out. He had me take all kinds of different medicine. I had to keep going to work while this was happening so I could pay my bills. I am a computer animator for movies and I have to stare at the screen for ten hours a day. This only made the pain worse. I would be crying at the computer and trying to hide it so no one saw. I ended up working twelve-hour days just so I could get my work done, because I couldn’t concentrate due to the pain. My friends would drop me off at the emergency room to be hospitalized on the weekends because I had to work during the week. I was there with needles in my arms, tubes in my nose, not able to eat, and I lost fifteen pounds. Not even the morphine would take the pain away.

I grew a bigger heart for others and learned to pray for them more than for me. I learned to ask others for prayer, that we need to come together and not let pride get in the way. One of my friends mentioned that his father was part of The Father’s Touch Ministry team. He contacted them and they sent a team of three to pray for me. They prayed over my head and I felt like it was really working. I was able to travel to their house meetings a few times after that to receive more ministry.

Through prayer and hormonal therapy I rapidly improved and now am totally fine! I haven’t had a migraine since!

Praise God that this team was able to help heal me! Thank you!

L. – Sept. 10, 2004

Aches and pain gone!

“I had strained my back and started having sciatic nerve pain in my right leg approximately one year ago. I was prayed for at a Father’s Touch home meeting about three and a half months ago and received partial relief and healing, but was still having pain. About two weeks later I attended a Father’s Touch Healing service and received more prayer from a ministry team member. While he was praying for me, my right leg started twisting at the hip and trying to push out and down. As my leg twisted I could feel the ache and pain twisting out like water from a wet towel. I have now had about 3 months free from pain!”

Bill M. – August 2004

God stories!

The following testimony was written by a Father’s TouchTeam member who led ministry over a period of four months to a 50-yr old stroke victim. At one point during this period, the doctors were already preparing a death certificate. Read on to see how the Father touched this “hopeless” man in a powerful way!

“In July 2004, I received a call from my church Hospital Care team to go out and pray for Tom (not his real name) who had just had a stroke and had been admitted into a long term care facility.

When I met Tom, I saw a man that had a strong will to live, but his physical body was in bad shape. I learned that Tom had been raised in a Christian home, and had accepted Christ many years ago.

Tom had his first heart attack at the age of 25, and just five years ago at 45 years of age, Tom had open-heart surgery.

The stroke that occurred in July affected his speech to the point that it was very hard to understand him. He was confined to bed or a wheel chair and he was taking a lot of medication, not only for his heart, but to prevent seizures, as well as insulin to regulate his blood sugar.

Here are a few key events & observations seen along the road of Tom’s healing

** Tom’s relatives and church family (known and unknown to Tom) prayed diligently for the restoration of his health in general, and for specific spiritual and health issues as they arose.

** In the beginning, for several weeks I read scriptures from the bible that focused on healing and I read verse after verse that the focused on the nature / characteristics of God vs. the characteristics of Satan. Tom quickly came to the conclusion that God did not cause his medical condition, but instead that God is the healer and his protector. The Holy Spirit anointed and blessed Tom with peace whenever we prayed together at the end of our times together. During these visits we prayed for immediate medical issues and concerns and broke the power of pronouncements that were made over this life.

** I was encouraged as I saw an acceleration in the healing process take place when my friend and mentor on the Fathers Touch Ministry team interpreted a word of knowledge from the Lord. The Lord directed to him to ask Tom to place his health crises in the hands of the Lord. This was big event, since Tom had spent his career as a Paramedic and Nurse and his medical training kept him constantly diagnosing / treating his condition in his mind well before any Doctor could. Once he surrendered his health crisis to the Healer the healing began almost immediately.

** Evidence of the spiritual battle took shape just hours after Tom had surrendered his healing to the Lord. He entered into a coma and was in and out of the coma from a particular Thursday night to approximately Monday. During this time the medical team was working to revive Tom. During this time, he later described being TEMPTED by Satan. While Tom was unconscious, he described a vision where he saw a vast kingdom, and he was offered healing from his condition. When he inquired what the letters K.S. stood for on the huge banner overhead, it was revealed that the initials stood for Kingdom of Satan. Tom rejected all offers and called upon the Lord.

** Next came an Encounter with the LORD. Tom described walking with an angel and seeing the presence of the Lord, and hearing others who came near or were in the presence of the Lord, yelling out “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is the Lord our God.” Tom remembers discussing with God at some point that he would like to live and would like to fully recover. Tom sensed that his physical condition was getting critical at the care facility, and he explained to the Lord that if He didn’t step in quickly he would be coming home sooner than expected.

Tom awoke from the coma to see the medical staff around him who were all working to keep him alive. He continually improved over the next few days.

On Thursday, just one week later I returned to visit Tom, and learned from him what had occurred over last week. For the first time since I had met him he was out of bed and had rolled himself out of his room in a wheelchair and down the hallway where he was waiting to greet me. He was smiling from ear to ear, and he physically looked a lot better. His speech was dramatically better

After praising the Lord for what he had done, and praying with Tom, I encouraged him to listen to the audio CD of Bible verses being read that focused on the topic of healing.

He listed to the CD and soaked in the word, and as he did his faith began to grow and his health continued to improve.

Then a few weeks later, Tom came under attack from the enemy who was trying to steal what God had already begun to do for him.

When our team arrived at the hospital to pray for Tom, he was in great pain, on oxygen and he appeared to me to be very near death.

** My friend and mentor on the team saw that Tom was under attack by a spirit of Death, and after binding and casting this spirit out and others in the holy name of Jesus Christ, Tom immediately was at peace, and fell into a deep sleep right before our eyes. He awoke the next morning, but when he did he immediately sensed that he had been healed.

** New FAITH put to the Test – after Tom was stable, during the next few days doctors approached him with results from tests taken earlier. The doctor explained that from reading his recent lung X-rays that he had pneumonia.

** Tom, knowing that the Lord had restored his health, acted in faith and told the doctor that he did not have pneumonia and if the doctor would take another X-ray he would prove it to him. He even told the doctor that he would pay for the X-ray out of his own pocket if he was wrong.

The doctor took the new X-ray and was amazed at the results, Tom had no water in his lung, NO pneumonia. The next day this cycle was repeated but this time, he was told that he had a urinary tract infection. Tom again proved to the doctor after another test that he did not have an infection.

A few days later, Tom left the facility to have a brain scan. The tests reviled that their was no evidence of any brain damage from his stroke.

He continued to grow stronger and was again out of bed and looking much better when I arrived to see him. His speech continued to get much clearer.

The next week I arrived to learn that Tom’s doctor had called his sister to tell her that Tom had a “Divine Healing”, a “Miracle Healing”. He told her that he had never seen anyone recover from his condition.

Another week went by, and it was now time to test the healing.

Tom surpassed all expectations during a walking test. Instead of walking the test goal of 20 steps with a walker, he put the walker aside and walked approximately 400 steps without it, to the amazement of the doctors, staff and patients who witnessed him walking around the facility.

He then went through many neurological exams and passed all of them in half of the allotted time. Then just days later, the news came that everyone had been waiting for: the doctors concluded that Tom was free to go home, and he was released from the hospital on November 15, 2004.

Instead of filling out a death certificate, the doctor wrote in his chart: “Divine Healing.” Praise the Lord for his mercy!