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There is now a healing army in Bundaberg!

At Friday night’s healing service in Bundaberg, Australia, the congregation witnessed a variety of ways in which the Lord provided strong support to “emerging” healing ministers.

A woman volunteer who had never seen an instant healing for those she prayed for was encouraged to command healing of another woman volunteer who had severe pain in several places in her body. Pain began leaving her body, and after some repeated commands by the “healing minister,” all the pain was gone! The rest of the congregation was strongly encouraged by witnessing this miracle, and their belief resulted in the healing of many in their midst through anointed handkerchiefs (a la Paul in Acts, Chapter 19), walk-by healing (a la Peter in Acts, Chapter 5), the release of rivers of healing water (the Holy Spirit) [John 7:38-39] on their neighbors, and much more!

Nearly all those present were powerfully touched by the healing compassion of Jesus, and most were completely delivered of pain! Praise the Lord for his encouragement and activation of these precious saints.

There is now a healing army in Bundaberg!

On the fourth night of our Freedom Festival in Kisumu, Kenya, we heard the testimony of Josephine

On the fourth night of our Freedom Festival in Kisumu, Kenya, we heard the testimony of Josephine, the mother of little Christine who had been suffering the previous night from bad stomach pain and headaches. When I had the crowd lift up handkerchiefs/scarves/jackets/etc. that night to have them anointed through the power of our voices in agreement that healing virtue would fill these items, Christine held up her sweater right where she stood with her mother at the edge of the field. She then placed the sweater on herself and was instantly healed of stomach pain. The headache remained, but Josephine encouraged her daughter to believe that the headache would depart also. That’s exactly what happened a few seconds later, and now little Christine believes in miracles!! The testimony of this miracle shifted the atmosphere prophetically (Rev 19:10) and similar miracles happened through the rest of this fourth night of the Festival! Bwana asifiwe! (Lord, be praised!)

He could barely walk with canes for six years….and was completely healed

FTM Associate Minister Michelle Smith rejoices with this man who was completely healed during her ministry the night before at our Freedom Festival in Kiriaini Village in Murang’a County in central Kenya. He could barely walk with canes for six years before Michelle encouraged volunteers to simply walk by the sick, who were then healed by the power of the Holy Spirit flowing from them (John 7:38-39), a la Peter in Acts, Chapter 5. The man later testified that he walked 5 kilometers (over 3 miles) the next morning with no problem (without the cane which he holds up in victory over his previous affliction!) Bwana asifiwe! (Lord be praised!)

What’s impossible for man is possible with God!

After preaching during worship God just came and healed this man! Hallelujah! Steve told them he got saved during worship without anyone praying for him, and to expect their miracles, for God can touch them any moment.

This man said he didn’t believe it, but when the music started after preaching he felt he wanted to get up and clap, and when he did he realized he had no pain. He he tried to walk without the crushes and realized he was healed!!!

After an accident 2 1/2 years ago, the bones in his leg were so crushed that the doctors said they couldn’t do anything for him!

What’s impossible for man is possible with God!


The testimony of Jesus’ miracles prepared our crowd of 10,000 to receive miracle healing

The third night of our Freedom Festival in Gulu (northern Uganda) started off with a powerful testimony by FTM Associate Minister and mission team member, Michelle Smith, who then offered a salvation invitation and led many dozens to Christ!

Bwana asifiwe (Lord be praised)!

I then preached on the power of just one touch from Jesus, giving examples from Scripture and emphasizing that Jesus lives in every believer, so that, even one touch from a believer can heal the sick. I shared my testimony about a pastor’s wife in a remote village in Tanzania with an issue of blood for over 10 years and very close to death being instantly healed by just one touch of Jesus in me in 2003.

The prophetic power of the testimony of Jesus’ miracles (Rev 19:10) prepared our crowd of 10,000 this evening to receive miracle healing.

So, I sent our team onto the field to walk through the huge crowd and touch as many as they could with the healing power of Jesus! Several hundred Ugandans raised their hands to testify that they had been instantly healed by our team members’ loving, but brief, laying on of hands!

Many more people gave their lives to Jesus on this night because of the demonstration of His power to heal through believing believers!! [Mk 16:17-18]

The second night of our Freedom Festival in Gulu (Northern Uganda) was off the charts!

The second night of our Freedom Festival in Gulu (Northern Uganda) was off the charts!

I started by asking ten people with pain in their bodies to come up to the platform and line up facing the crowd. Ten-year old, Angel Gift (her real name!), responded to my call to the crowd of over 5,000 for a child volunteer who was saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and believed that God could do anything!

I coached little Angel Gift to then simply walk by the line of people, without praying for them or even looking at them, and believe that they would be healed by the power of the Holy Spirit flowing from within her (John 7:38-39), a la Peter in Acts, Chapter 5.

By the time Angel Gift had walked past the line of people three times, all but one had been healed! The last one, (a man with severe kidney pain), was finally healed also as many in the crowd joined in believing that “rivers of living water” were “flowing from their innermost being” to heal the man’s kidney!

Next, I sent our Father’s Touch mission team down on the field to simply walk past people as they made their way through the crowd, and believe that many would be healed, a la Peter.

Over 200 people were healed this way, with no one praying for them!

Of particular note was a young, approximately 2-year old paralyzed girl, who was being held in her mother’s arms down on the field. As one of our team members walked by, the mother believed her daughter was healed by the power of the Holy Spirit being released in this way and tested her daughter’s legs by setting her down on the ground. The girl immediately began walking on her own!

Praise God for his compassionate healing as in the days of the Apostle Peter!

Mama and daughter came up on the platform to testify, and the crowd screamed in delight as the young girl walked perfectly several times in full view of the many people who knew about her former paralysis!

The Lord did many other amazing miracles tonight and many believers in the crowd committed to healing their sick neighbors tomorrow, simply by walking past them! Testimonies will be coming!

Many dozens of people in the crowd of over 1,000 were saved

Our first night (Wednesday) at the Freedom Festival in Gulu (Northern Uganda) was powerful! As I preached a very simple message on the power in calling on the name of Jesus, many dozens of people in the crowd of over 1,000 were saved (Joel 2:32), healed, and delivered of addictions, demonic oppression, and fears, etc. The crowd swelled further, and (there was) more ministry by the team and the local pastors, resulting in many more salvations! Praise God for the power in calling on the name of His Son, Jesus Christ! (Acts 2:21)


We prayed for a dead woman and she resurrected today…

While we were seeing many miracles this weekend on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, one of my spiritual grandsons, Dismas Onjula, in Dandora (Nairobi), Kenya, was conducting a 3-day Freedom Festival (crusade). Here is his brief report of many salvations and the raising of a dead woman through prayer:

“It was phenomenal and a real climax indeed today in (the) Dandora Crusade. More than 700 souls were born again within those 3days {Yes It’s Time To Make Hell Empty and Make Heaven Full!} because the Harvest is plenty indeed brethren. Yesterday, we prayed for a dead woman and she resurrected today she gave a testimony and God be the glory for His mighty doings in the land of the living.”

Additional details from Bishop Dismas:

“Papa she’s a woman single mother of 4 children. She was just brought from the crowd bleeding blood through the nose and mouth; then we allowed the ushers and one nurse to (perform) first aid but 5 minutes letter we were told she’s gone. Then they brought the body in front of the pulpit. Then the Holy Spirit said we should close her grave and claim her back to life and she came back to life and God be the glory.”

“She died before she got born again but after the resurrection, she accepted salvation and got born again.”

Belief is contagious!

At tonight’s class in our 4-day School of Supernatural Healing in Salinas, CA, a young lady, who had heretofore not seen a healing as she prayed for people, raised her hand when Steve called for a volunteer to help him with a demonstration.

Another lady came forward when he called for a volunteer that had pain in their body. She had suffered severe pain in her joints for several years and needed a miracle. Steve encouraged the young lady to exercise her authority from Christ as she commanded all the pain to leave the woman’s body, and it did so!

The woman was in tears as she testified that she was believing God to be healed by the end of the month, and even today, her pain had been worse than ever. Goodbye, pain! You are no match for a young lady who knows her authority in Christ and now wields the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish miracles! A healing minister was “born” tonight! Hallelujah!

By the way, at the break time shortly afterward, other students were healing the sick among their classmates! They didn’t wait long to put what they’ve learned into practice! Belief is contagious! Mk 9:23


All were healed!

Wow, what a tremendous way for the Lord to finish the Freedom Festival held for 6 days in Lodwar [northern Kenya]! I felt strongly from the Lord this last night that he wanted to bless the people in attendance with an amazing display of his healing love, and he did just that!

When I asked the crowd of 5000+ to tell me by a show of hands which of them needed healing in their bodies, about 1000 people raised their hand. I encouraged them to believe with me that every one of them would be healed this night and that not one sick person would be left on the field, in accordance with the command of Jesus to “heal the sick!” [Mt 10:8; Lk 10:9]

A 13-yr old boy named Puse, who believed that God could do anything, helped me demonstrate on the platform that the sick can be healed simply by walking past them, a la Peter [Acts, Chpt. 5]. Then more children, led by Puse, walked several times in a circle around several sick on the field in front of the platform and they were all healed!

Next we had the crowd hold up their handkerchiefs and various cloths as I prayed from the platform for God’s healing power to fill these items, which were then placed on many of the sick and they were healed, a la Paul in Acts 19:11-12.

Many sick remained however, so we then simply waved the handkerchiefs in the air and commanded healing of the sick, and several hundred were healed this way. With only about 100 of the original 1000 still needing healing, we then had the crowd dance to a worship song, led by a well-known worship leader in East Africa, and all but 20 were healed!

After I gathered these 20 in front of the platform, a young girl named Millicent volunteered to help me from the platform, as Puse led his “team” in walking in a circle around these remaining 20. Millicent simply pointed to the sick people from the platform and commanded their healing. Eventually, all but one of the 20 were healed!

Out of the original 1000+ needing healing, now only one remained: a deaf-mute boy. I called him to the platform and Millicent and I prayed for him and he began to speak and his hearing began improving after repeated ministry on the platform. He went away rejoicing as his ears continued to improve!

As “advertised” by the Lord, not one sick person was left on the field! Then several dozen amazed folks gave their lives to Christ as we closed out this incredible week in Lodwar! Bwana asifiwe! [Lord, be praised!]