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Uganda Leadership Tour (2022)

Encouragement for Leaders!

What a blessing and privilege to be able to report the goodness of God during our recent 4-week tour of Uganda! Over 1,300 leaders in five locations were strongly encouraged by our course entitled “Becoming like Jesus.” Many people were healed as well during the course meetings and in Sunday morning church services, and in the guest house in northern Uganda where we couldn’t leave without seeing little 3-year-old Vienna’s ears healed.

To read the full praise report, click HERE.

–Steve Trullinger, June 2022

Surgery or Vacation?

Near the end of our recent Uganda Leadership Tour, we had a few moments to minister healing to Vienna, the 3-year-old daughter of David and Elizabeth who oversee the Guest House where we stayed in the northern city of Gulu.  

Vienna’s ears were severely impacted by a bout with COVID-19 and her eardrums had difficulty moving because of blockages.  On the Thursday morning of our departure from Gulu to return to Entebbe in the south, we made sure we had time to take authority over the hearing loss to get this precious girl healed, and her hearing was dramatically improved!

Her family (dad David just behind Vienna in the photo, mom Elizabeth standing to my left, and older sister [not in photo but in school that morning]) had planned a visit to a doctor in Johannesburg, South Africa, early the next week to have surgery done on Vienna’s ears.  

I received a report from David while I was on my way home to California the next week: the Johannesburg doctor examined Vienna’s ears and they were totally normal, avoiding the need for surgery! Praise the Lord!

So the family shifted the trip from surgery focus to “vacation” status!

Added note: Tamara (the woman standing in the middle of the picture) was so moved by Vienna’s healing that she asked us to minister healing to her back which had been in pain for 15 years! So, Steven (wearing the orange cap) commanded healing and all Tamara’s pain left her back! 

–Steve Trullinger, June 2022

There is now a healing army in Bundaberg!

At Friday night’s healing service in Bundaberg, Australia, the congregation witnessed a variety of ways in which the Lord provided strong support to “emerging” healing ministers.

A woman volunteer who had never seen an instant healing for those she prayed for was encouraged to command healing of another woman volunteer who had severe pain in several places in her body. Pain began leaving her body, and after some repeated commands by the “healing minister,” all the pain was gone! The rest of the congregation was strongly encouraged by witnessing this miracle, and their belief resulted in the healing of many in their midst through anointed handkerchiefs (a la Paul in Acts, Chapter 19), walk-by healing (a la Peter in Acts, Chapter 5), the release of rivers of healing water (the Holy Spirit) [John 7:38-39] on their neighbors, and much more!

Nearly all those present were powerfully touched by the healing compassion of Jesus, and most were completely delivered of pain! Praise the Lord for his encouragement and activation of these precious saints.

There is now a healing army in Bundaberg!

He could barely walk with canes for six years….and was completely healed

FTM Associate Minister Michelle Smith rejoices with this man who was completely healed during her ministry the night before at our Freedom Festival in Kiriaini Village in Murang’a County in central Kenya. He could barely walk with canes for six years before Michelle encouraged volunteers to simply walk by the sick, who were then healed by the power of the Holy Spirit flowing from them (John 7:38-39), a la Peter in Acts, Chapter 5. The man later testified that he walked 5 kilometers (over 3 miles) the next morning with no problem (without the cane which he holds up in victory over his previous affliction!) Bwana asifiwe! (Lord be praised!)

What’s impossible for man is possible with God!

After preaching during worship God just came and healed this man! Hallelujah! Steve told them he got saved during worship without anyone praying for him, and to expect their miracles, for God can touch them any moment.

This man said he didn’t believe it, but when the music started after preaching he felt he wanted to get up and clap, and when he did he realized he had no pain. He he tried to walk without the crushes and realized he was healed!!!

After an accident 2 1/2 years ago, the bones in his leg were so crushed that the doctors said they couldn’t do anything for him!

What’s impossible for man is possible with God!


An army of healing ministers are igniting “fuses” throughout the land!

The Australian Apostolic Restore Community (AARC) Healing Explosion on Saturday on the Gold Coast provided a powerful activation time for the whole gathering to respond to their calling to heal the sick! [Mt 10:8] Many of those present were healed by their brothers and sisters as the power of the Holy Spirit and the authority given them by Christ were abundantly displayed as they believed! [Mk 9:23] The army of healing ministers in Australia has experienced a powerful explosion on the Gold Coast that will spread rapidly as these believing believers ignite “fuses” throughout the land! Praise the Lord!



Man’s Sight Restored

Now he can see!

After I finished preaching on “Exceptional Excitement – The Power of the Testimony” at the Sunday morning service (Feb 19) at Glory Mission Centre in Dandora (Nairobi, Kenya), I was relaxing in the office of FTAF Apostle Benson Kiunjuri, enjoying a simple lunch and some chai (tea). After a few minutes of “winding down” after this “last” ministry activity on this trip to Kenya, I found out I wasn’t actually finished.

Pastor Elihud brought to the office a friend named Richard, whose vision was so severely impaired that he had not been able to see more than 3 or 4 inches in front of his face, for over 20 years!

Apostle Kiunjuri “informed” me that I wasn’t done with ministry that day, and I whole-heartedly agreed! The compassion of Jesus welled up in all of us as we prayed for healing of Richard’s eyes. The power of that compassion improved his vision so much, that he was able to see the clock on the wall, and the hands on the clock, something he could not do when he first came into the office. He correctly identified several objects and their colors, and was able to accurately discern the number of fingers Apostle Kiunjuri held up to test his vision.

Joy filled the office and the Joyful One rejoiced with us, because His compassion has once more paved the way for changing a blind man’s life forever! Bwana asifiwe (Lord be praised)!

I was now able to finish my chai and head to dinner and the airport for the safari home, although I’m not sure I needed the plane to fly!


–Steve Trullinger

February 22, 2017

On the fourth night of our Freedom Festival in Kisumu, Kenya, we heard the testimony of Josephine

On the fourth night of our Freedom Festival in Kisumu, Kenya, we heard the testimony of Josephine, the mother of little Christine who had been suffering the previous night from bad stomach pain and headaches. When I had the crowd lift up handkerchiefs/scarves/jackets/etc. that night to have them anointed through the power of our voices in agreement that healing virtue would fill these items, Christine held up her sweater right where she stood with her mother at the edge of the field. She then placed the sweater on herself and was instantly healed of stomach pain. The headache remained, but Josephine encouraged her daughter to believe that the headache would depart also. That’s exactly what happened a few seconds later, and now little Christine believes in miracles!! The testimony of this miracle shifted the atmosphere prophetically (Rev 19:10) and similar miracles happened through the rest of this fourth night of the Festival! Bwana asifiwe! (Lord, be praised!)

One-word command!

On the third night of our 5-night Freedom Festival in Kisumu, Kenya, we were blessed to encounter a greatly increased level of joy and freedom at the field when we arrived. One major reason for this shift in the “atmosphere” had to do with the crowd exerting authority over the demonic realm on the previous night.

On that second night, I preached on the authority demonstrated by Jesus (see Mt 8:16) when he drove out evil spirits with a word. A single word! The Gospel writers do not record what that word was, but I guessed that it was “Go!” So, I encouraged the believers in the crowd to issue a one-word command in Swahili to all the demons who were afflicting the people present on our Festival field. That word was “Nenda!” – which means “Go!” Many people indicated that they were delivered because of that authoritative one-word command!

On the third night we began by asking for testimonies of healing/freedom from the second-night Festival, and a man named Sylvester came to the platform to testify that he was delivered of tormenting bad dreams as a result of the “Nenda!” command. Sylvester finally had a night with only “good” dreams, after 32 years (his whole life!) of persistent “bad” dreams! He gave all glory to God and praised Jesus for his freedom that came through the one word command issued by the crowd: “Nenda!” This was but one example of why the “atmosphere” shifted at our Festival field: there is authority in the voice of the believer!

-Steve Trullinger


The testimony of Jesus’ miracles prepared our crowd of 10,000 to receive miracle healing

The third night of our Freedom Festival in Gulu (northern Uganda) started off with a powerful testimony by FTM Associate Minister and mission team member, Michelle Smith, who then offered a salvation invitation and led many dozens to Christ!

Bwana asifiwe (Lord be praised)!

I then preached on the power of just one touch from Jesus, giving examples from Scripture and emphasizing that Jesus lives in every believer, so that, even one touch from a believer can heal the sick. I shared my testimony about a pastor’s wife in a remote village in Tanzania with an issue of blood for over 10 years and very close to death being instantly healed by just one touch of Jesus in me in 2003.

The prophetic power of the testimony of Jesus’ miracles (Rev 19:10) prepared our crowd of 10,000 this evening to receive miracle healing.

So, I sent our team onto the field to walk through the huge crowd and touch as many as they could with the healing power of Jesus! Several hundred Ugandans raised their hands to testify that they had been instantly healed by our team members’ loving, but brief, laying on of hands!

Many more people gave their lives to Jesus on this night because of the demonstration of His power to heal through believing believers!! [Mk 16:17-18]