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ALL Were Healed by the Power of the Holy Spirit!

Our Freedom Festival in Lira, Uganda, finished with a bang on Sunday evening as a little six-year old girl with faith simply walked by six people on the platform with pain in their bodies, and ALL of them were healed by the power of the Holy Spirit flowing from her (a la Peter in Acts, Chapter 5)! The belief level in the crowd soared even more as over one hundred people were healed simply by the dancing and rejoicing of their neighbors on the field as we gave praise to Jesus! God has shifted the atmosphere in Lira, as His Kingdom has overtaken the kingdom of darkness!    Hallelujah!


December 7, 2014

Belief is contagious!

At tonight’s class in our 4-day School of Supernatural Healing in Salinas, CA, a young lady, who had heretofore not seen a healing as she prayed for people, raised her hand when Steve called for a volunteer to help him with a demonstration.

Another lady came forward when he called for a volunteer that had pain in their body. She had suffered severe pain in her joints for several years and needed a miracle. Steve encouraged the young lady to exercise her authority from Christ as she commanded all the pain to leave the woman’s body, and it did so!

The woman was in tears as she testified that she was believing God to be healed by the end of the month, and even today, her pain had been worse than ever. Goodbye, pain! You are no match for a young lady who knows her authority in Christ and now wields the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish miracles! A healing minister was “born” tonight! Hallelujah!

By the way, at the break time shortly afterward, other students were healing the sick among their classmates! They didn’t wait long to put what they’ve learned into practice! Belief is contagious! Mk 9:23


All were healed!

Wow, what a tremendous way for the Lord to finish the Freedom Festival held for 6 days in Lodwar [northern Kenya]! I felt strongly from the Lord this last night that he wanted to bless the people in attendance with an amazing display of his healing love, and he did just that!

When I asked the crowd of 5000+ to tell me by a show of hands which of them needed healing in their bodies, about 1000 people raised their hand. I encouraged them to believe with me that every one of them would be healed this night and that not one sick person would be left on the field, in accordance with the command of Jesus to “heal the sick!” [Mt 10:8; Lk 10:9]

A 13-yr old boy named Puse, who believed that God could do anything, helped me demonstrate on the platform that the sick can be healed simply by walking past them, a la Peter [Acts, Chpt. 5]. Then more children, led by Puse, walked several times in a circle around several sick on the field in front of the platform and they were all healed!

Next we had the crowd hold up their handkerchiefs and various cloths as I prayed from the platform for God’s healing power to fill these items, which were then placed on many of the sick and they were healed, a la Paul in Acts 19:11-12.

Many sick remained however, so we then simply waved the handkerchiefs in the air and commanded healing of the sick, and several hundred were healed this way. With only about 100 of the original 1000 still needing healing, we then had the crowd dance to a worship song, led by a well-known worship leader in East Africa, and all but 20 were healed!

After I gathered these 20 in front of the platform, a young girl named Millicent volunteered to help me from the platform, as Puse led his “team” in walking in a circle around these remaining 20. Millicent simply pointed to the sick people from the platform and commanded their healing. Eventually, all but one of the 20 were healed!

Out of the original 1000+ needing healing, now only one remained: a deaf-mute boy. I called him to the platform and Millicent and I prayed for him and he began to speak and his hearing began improving after repeated ministry on the platform. He went away rejoicing as his ears continued to improve!

As “advertised” by the Lord, not one sick person was left on the field! Then several dozen amazed folks gave their lives to Christ as we closed out this incredible week in Lodwar! Bwana asifiwe! [Lord, be praised!]

An extraordinary miracle with the authority to heal!

July 5, 2013:

God did an extraordinary miracle through a young Kenyan boy named Sebastian on the platform during this 4th night of our Freedom Festival in Kakamega, Kenya. I called 10 people with pain up to the platform and told those remaining on the field who also had pain that they “would be healed also, so please be patient!”

I had the 10 people line up across the back of the platform, facing the crowd, and then I called for a young volunteer to help me. Sebastian responded and came up to the platform and stood ready to help me. When I asked if he was saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and believed God could do anything, he answered “Ndio!” which means “Yes!”

I preached on the power that healed people as the Apostle Peter simply walked by the sick who had been laid on beds and mats on his way through the streets of Jerusalem to Solomon’s colonnade, as described in Acts, Chapter 5. That same power (Holy Spirit) resides in every believer today, including my volunteer, Sebastian!

So, as Sebastian walked past the sick on the platform, obeying my instruction to not pray for them and not even look at them, but instead pretend he was Peter walking through the streets of Jerusalem on his way to preach a sermon, all but one of those in pain was healed by that “Living Water” inside of Sebastian that was “pouring out” in accordance with John 7:38-39! [The remaining person had some severe demonic oppression and was ministered to afterward by pastors on the field.]

When I then turned my attention to those still on the field with pain to get them healed, I discovered that they too had been healed as Sebastian walked by the sick on the platform!!

I was astounded by this “long-distance walk-by healing” miracle by Sebastian and commissioned him as a healing minister on the spot! As a result of this extraordinary miracle by a young Kenyan boy, many people gave their lives to Christ! Bwana asifiwe! [Lord, be praised!]

July 7, 2013:

An epilogue to our status report two days ago, concerning the 4th night of our Freedom Festival in Kakamega, Kenya: The young boy named Sebastian, who healed the crowd simply by walking by the line of people with pain on the platform, attended our host church this morning for the Sunday service.

He testified that the one remaining person on the platform who had pain (in his ear), did in fact get healed later as local leaders ministered to him.  First he gave his life to Jesus and then all his ear pain left, and demonic oppression ended!

Sebastian (whom I commissioned as a healing minister on Thursday evening in front of the crowd) told the congregation today that he knows he has authority to heal and he is pursuing his destiny calling in God! Hallelujah! As I preached this morning on the “Healing Power of Compassion,” the congregation healed everyone with pain in their midst!

Kakamega is “buzzing” with news of the hundreds of miracles during our Freedom Festival and hundreds of salvations! This city will never be the same, as the belief level has gone up tremendously and there is now an “army” of ministers of the healing compassion of Jesus! Bwana asifiwe! [Lord, be praised!]

–Steve Trullinger

Every sick person was healed!

During our 5-day School of Supernatural Sonship in Nairobi, Kenya, this last week the 65+ pastors and bishops experienced powerful touches from the Father that encouraged them to believe for “all things!” [Mark 9:23]

So, they prayed for each other and every sick person was healed! Many of these leaders want to offer the school in their networks of churches throughout East Africa. What an awesome blessing to see the spiritual hunger of on-fire leaders! Transformation is coming!! Bwana asifiwe!  (Lord, be praised!)


Deaf-mute girl healed!

At the second night of our Freedom Festival in Gulu (northern Uganda), I invited the deaf to come up to the platform to be healed. A woman brought her young deaf-mute daughter in response. Our team prayed for her and she received partial hearing! Hallelujah! However, God was not done!

Two nights later, one team member noticed the same young girl on the field responding to the message!! She could hear completely!!! So, she was invited to the platform to “give” (via our team member) her testimony. Sensing that God wanted to finish restoring her, we commanded the mute spirit to leave her, and she began to speak!! Hallelujah! Praise God for his faithfulness to finish the job!

–Steve Trullinger


All in pain were healed!

At the Sunday morning service at Logos Celebration Miracle Centre in Kakamega, Kenya, I was very blessed to see two volunteers from the congregation respond to my coaching as they commanded healing in the bodies of those in pain, simply by pointing at them from the platform and believing that the word of command has power from God! All those in pain were healed! And the precious “mama” who received Christ as her savior made my day complete!  PTL!


Healed spontaneously!

At our healing service Sunday night at St. Luke’s in Ballard (Seattle), several people were healed as living water (Holy Spirit) poured out on them from the other saints in attendance! One man was healed spontaneously during worship time! God is good!!

–Steve Trullinger


They received anointing by the Holy Spirit

Just arrived home today from Seoul, where our last two services were over the top! Over thirty people were healed as the congregation simply walked past them, a la Peter in Acts, Chapt 5!! And the entire congregation received anointing by the Holy Spirit to open the heavens and walk in a supernatural lifestyle, where “outrageous” is “normal!” Joo chan yang! (Praise the Lord!)

–Steve Trullinger