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Holy Spirit Anointing

Just arrived home today from Seoul, where our last two services were over the top! Over thirty people were healed as the congregation simply walked past them, a la Peter in Acts, Chapt 5!! And the entire congregation received anointing by the Holy Spirit to open the heavens and walk in a supernatural lifestyle, where “outrageous” is “normal!” Joo chan yang! (Praise the Lord!)

–Steve Trullinger


The Joy of Jesus

Just before last night’s service in Seoul, the title of the message God gave me to share was “The Joy of Jesus.” A few minutes later, I remembered that the church name is “Ever Joy Church!” The Joy of the Lord poured out on everyone as we all experienced a powerful move of the Holy Spirit through his revelation of the “feeling heart” of Jesus! Wow! Very fun, God! Joo chan yang! (Praise the Lord!)

–Steve Trullinger


Ordinary People Used

During last night’s service at God Built Church in Pusan, South Korea, many were encouraged by some key lessons from Africa! Among them: God desires to use ordinary people to do extraordinary miracles! These precious saints healed all but one among their number, simply by walking by those with pain, and then waving their handkerchiefs at the remaining few! Joo chan yang! (Praise the Lord!)

–Steve Trullinger


Love Lifted Depression

On Monday afternoon, I was privileged to speak at a regional conference in Je-cheong, South Korea, where the attendees eagerly learned about the “fuel” necessary to initiate and maintain revival: LOVE! A river of love from the Father’s heart flowed through our hearts and healed many and lifted depression and sadness as well, as we simply believed John 7:38!! Joo chan yang!

–Steve Trullinger


Holy Spirit Outpouring

Living Water Church in Seoul experienced an outpouring of Living Water (Holy Spirit) in the Sunday am service! Many people were healed as the congregation simply danced and believed that “rivers of living water” would come from their innermost being and flood those next to them! [John 7:38-39] God seems to use almost any “excuse” to heal!! Joo chan yang!

–Steve Trullinger


“Goodbye” Comfort Zone!

Harvest Shalom church experienced a powerful outpouring last night, as believers asked God to help “living water” come out of their innermost being [John 7:38-9] and wash over their neighbors in the sanctuary. Many were healed, many were set free of sorrow or depression, and many were refreshed! By saying “Goodbye!” to their comfort zones, they embarked on a life of adventure with God! Joo chan yang!

–Steve Trullinger


Belief Levels Way Up!

At last night’s church service near Seoul, all those with pain were healed by fellow attendees. How? Many were healed as everyone waved handkerchiefs and commanded healing for the others! The 8 or so that remained with pain were then all healed as the entire congregation simply walked by them, a la Peter in Acts, Chapter 5!! The belief level went up another (huge!) notch!! Joo chan yang! (Praise the Lord!)

–Steve Trullinger


All the Sick Were Healed!

At last night’s service at a church near Masan, South Korea, an entire congregation was commissioned into healing ministry. Their first subsequent activity was to heal all the sick amongst themselves! [Mt 10:8]  Joo chan yang!  (Praise the Lord!)

–Steve Trullinger


A Dozen Healed!

In the closing session of our course for leaders in Jangyu, South Korea, the students simply walked single-file past a line of fellow students who needed healing, a la Peter in Acts, Chapter 5. About a dozen happy students were healed by the power of the Holy Spirit in a dramatic demonstration of God’s ability to use ordinary people to do extraordinary miracles!!

–Steve Trullinger


Everything is Possible!

During the course I’m privileged to teach in Jangyu in South Korea, we experienced about two dozen healing miracles on the second night as students simple waved anointed handkerchiefs and cloths at the sick and commanded healing! Praise the Lord for his faithfulness to demonstrate the truth of his Word that, “Everything is possible for him who believes!”  {Mk 9:23]

–Steve Trullinger