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From the Homefront

Deliverance from a lifetime of pain

By May 30, 2016March 13th, 2022No Comments

At our Sunday morning service at Eagle Mountain Church in Nanaimo, BC, a woman testified that at our “Manifesting Miracles” workshop at the nearby Honeymoon Bay Retreat Centre on Thursday she was totally delivered from a lifetime of pain that had been at a “9” level (out of “10”)! Another woman who was sitting in the front row at our Saturday night Revival Encounter service testified that she was totally healed by the “overflow” of healing power that blessed another woman being healed in front of the congregation by a volunteer. She called it “Godmosis” healing! ???? Abba is pouring out his Spirit on Vancouver Island! Hallelujah!


–Steve Trullinger, 05/30/2016