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From the Homefront

Now a Healing Minister!

By August 6, 2023No Comments

At the Sunday morning service hosted by Kingdom Life Centre in Park Ridge (Brisbane), Australia, a volunteer experienced a “first” in her life!  As she persisted in commanding healing of a man’s leg pain (in front of the congregation as part of our demonstration of every believer’s ability to heal the sick [Mt 10:1,8; Lk 10:9], his pain progressively reduced dramatically until it was almost zero! Now he can walk freely and is very happy to have volunteered for this display of the Holy Spirit’s power to heal, even through believers who haven’t seen such a miracle through their hands before. And the woman who commanded healing has seen first-hand that she can indeed heal the sick through the power of the Holy Spirit, and is now “officially” a healing minister! Praise God for his encouragement to the entire congregation that they can indeed “do the stuff.”