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Timeless Testimonies

These “newbies” helped to demonstrate the power of every saint to heal the sick!

By July 4, 2013October 22nd, 2022No Comments

Another 10 people were healed at tonight’s Freedom Festival in Kakamega, Kenya, as they simply walked onto the Festival Field this 3rd night in the series of five in the heart of the city! Now there have been over 85 people healed this way by God’s sovereign action and eagerness to heal! And again He stopped the rain until the precise moment we finished for the evening! I preached on the ability of every believer to heal the sick, and the Lord’s command for them to do so [Matthew 10:8]. I had alerted our organizer to the fact that I would be enlisting the help of one or two of the new believers (of the many just saved the previous two nights), so that these “newbies” could help me on the platform to demonstrate the power of every saint to heal the sick, and that I would call two or three sick people to the platform to be healed in view of the crowd by these new believers. That was my plan. The organizer misunderstood me, and before he introduced me to preach for the evening, he took it upon himself to “set the stage” for me by calling over a dozen sick people to the platform ahead of time and also three new believers from the many saved at our Festival already. I had lost “control” of the flow on the platform! Abba showed me that He was in control and, as I coached them a bit, the new believers healed these several sick people, one after the other, to the crowd’s delight and mine! Then I had these “seasoned” healing ministers continue from the platform as they simply pointed to the remaining sick people in the crowd on the field and commanded them to be healed in Jesus’ name! They were all healed by the power resident through the Holy Spirit in believing believers! Bwana asifiwe! [Lord, be praised!]

Steve Trullinger, July 4, 2013