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From the Homefront

God stories!

The following testimony was written by a Father’s TouchTeam member who led ministry over a period of four months to a 50-yr old stroke victim. At one point during this period, the doctors were already preparing a death certificate. Read on to see how the Father touched this “hopeless” man in a powerful way!

“In July 2004, I received a call from my church Hospital Care team to go out and pray for Tom (not his real name) who had just had a stroke and had been admitted into a long term care facility.

When I met Tom, I saw a man that had a strong will to live, but his physical body was in bad shape. I learned that Tom had been raised in a Christian home, and had accepted Christ many years ago.

Tom had his first heart attack at the age of 25, and just five years ago at 45 years of age, Tom had open-heart surgery.

The stroke that occurred in July affected his speech to the point that it was very hard to understand him. He was confined to bed or a wheel chair and he was taking a lot of medication, not only for his heart, but to prevent seizures, as well as insulin to regulate his blood sugar.

Here are a few key events & observations seen along the road of Tom’s healing

** Tom’s relatives and church family (known and unknown to Tom) prayed diligently for the restoration of his health in general, and for specific spiritual and health issues as they arose.

** In the beginning, for several weeks I read scriptures from the bible that focused on healing and I read verse after verse that the focused on the nature / characteristics of God vs. the characteristics of Satan. Tom quickly came to the conclusion that God did not cause his medical condition, but instead that God is the healer and his protector. The Holy Spirit anointed and blessed Tom with peace whenever we prayed together at the end of our times together. During these visits we prayed for immediate medical issues and concerns and broke the power of pronouncements that were made over this life.

** I was encouraged as I saw an acceleration in the healing process take place when my friend and mentor on the Fathers Touch Ministry team interpreted a word of knowledge from the Lord. The Lord directed to him to ask Tom to place his health crises in the hands of the Lord. This was big event, since Tom had spent his career as a Paramedic and Nurse and his medical training kept him constantly diagnosing / treating his condition in his mind well before any Doctor could. Once he surrendered his health crisis to the Healer the healing began almost immediately.

** Evidence of the spiritual battle took shape just hours after Tom had surrendered his healing to the Lord. He entered into a coma and was in and out of the coma from a particular Thursday night to approximately Monday. During this time the medical team was working to revive Tom. During this time, he later described being TEMPTED by Satan. While Tom was unconscious, he described a vision where he saw a vast kingdom, and he was offered healing from his condition. When he inquired what the letters K.S. stood for on the huge banner overhead, it was revealed that the initials stood for Kingdom of Satan. Tom rejected all offers and called upon the Lord.

** Next came an Encounter with the LORD. Tom described walking with an angel and seeing the presence of the Lord, and hearing others who came near or were in the presence of the Lord, yelling out “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is the Lord our God.” Tom remembers discussing with God at some point that he would like to live and would like to fully recover. Tom sensed that his physical condition was getting critical at the care facility, and he explained to the Lord that if He didn’t step in quickly he would be coming home sooner than expected.

Tom awoke from the coma to see the medical staff around him who were all working to keep him alive. He continually improved over the next few days.

On Thursday, just one week later I returned to visit Tom, and learned from him what had occurred over last week. For the first time since I had met him he was out of bed and had rolled himself out of his room in a wheelchair and down the hallway where he was waiting to greet me. He was smiling from ear to ear, and he physically looked a lot better. His speech was dramatically better

After praising the Lord for what he had done, and praying with Tom, I encouraged him to listen to the audio CD of Bible verses being read that focused on the topic of healing.

He listed to the CD and soaked in the word, and as he did his faith began to grow and his health continued to improve.

Then a few weeks later, Tom came under attack from the enemy who was trying to steal what God had already begun to do for him.

When our team arrived at the hospital to pray for Tom, he was in great pain, on oxygen and he appeared to me to be very near death.

** My friend and mentor on the team saw that Tom was under attack by a spirit of Death, and after binding and casting this spirit out and others in the holy name of Jesus Christ, Tom immediately was at peace, and fell into a deep sleep right before our eyes. He awoke the next morning, but when he did he immediately sensed that he had been healed.

** New FAITH put to the Test – after Tom was stable, during the next few days doctors approached him with results from tests taken earlier. The doctor explained that from reading his recent lung X-rays that he had pneumonia.

** Tom, knowing that the Lord had restored his health, acted in faith and told the doctor that he did not have pneumonia and if the doctor would take another X-ray he would prove it to him. He even told the doctor that he would pay for the X-ray out of his own pocket if he was wrong.

The doctor took the new X-ray and was amazed at the results, Tom had no water in his lung, NO pneumonia. The next day this cycle was repeated but this time, he was told that he had a urinary tract infection. Tom again proved to the doctor after another test that he did not have an infection.

A few days later, Tom left the facility to have a brain scan. The tests reviled that their was no evidence of any brain damage from his stroke.

He continued to grow stronger and was again out of bed and looking much better when I arrived to see him. His speech continued to get much clearer.

The next week I arrived to learn that Tom’s doctor had called his sister to tell her that Tom had a “Divine Healing”, a “Miracle Healing”. He told her that he had never seen anyone recover from his condition.

Another week went by, and it was now time to test the healing.

Tom surpassed all expectations during a walking test. Instead of walking the test goal of 20 steps with a walker, he put the walker aside and walked approximately 400 steps without it, to the amazement of the doctors, staff and patients who witnessed him walking around the facility.

He then went through many neurological exams and passed all of them in half of the allotted time. Then just days later, the news came that everyone had been waiting for: the doctors concluded that Tom was free to go home, and he was released from the hospital on November 15, 2004.

Instead of filling out a death certificate, the doctor wrote in his chart: “Divine Healing.” Praise the Lord for his mercy!

Anxiety on the run!

I have struggled since I was 9 to get control over my crippling anxiety. I was on 14 different medications to control stroke symptoms, blindness, muscle disorders and chronic pain due to migraines; all due to uncontrollable anxiety. At 37 I was a 50 year old woman and my doctor’s question mark.

I am amazed at the healing He has given me through your ministry. When I had no faith to believe anymore you prayed for perfect truth. Days later I saw through His eyes the way I had been treating myself for something that wasn’t my fault. It just made sense to stop, that simple. So, I chose to be compassionate towards myself, God took over the rest and my life began as the migraines ended.

I then put faith into action and applied to university and just found out I’m accepted for January. Now I can use the brain God intended me to use. I laugh more, am less serious, and treat myself with more respect.

I was still fighting anxiety so I got more prayer Friday night. Although I don’t comprehend the spiritual world, I know that something changed; something that only God could do. I’m no longer anxious. The chronic arthritic pain is gone! I can breathe easier, like I’m not weighted down. And I’m not vibrating with anxiousness.

I have never experienced God in this way before and I am in awe of what He can do. I also wanted to encourage you to continue sharing the way you do. You speak in a way that is easy to comprehend and without condemnation and pride but with encouragement. You present the gospel in a way that is both humble and inspiring. It is evident the servant attitude that you have within you.

Many blessings,
K. – 11/22/04

P.S. Looking back a couple months I’m so thankful I chose not to go back to my medium/fortunetelling lifestyle I left 6 years ago. Just as it became too much to bear, He lifted it! Now I understand why we need to be in fellowship with each other and meet together to encourage, to believe, to witness and to pray.

I have to say as I continue experiencing more and more freedom on a daily basis, it has given me faith to believe that my family will eventually come to know Him too. Being first-generation Christian is an honour but I’d sure like to share the journey with them so they can see it’s not about fear, manipulation and control but rather peace, joy and freedom.

Finding answers in quick fixes, horoscopes, the universe, etc., may seem immediate and feeds the need to know and control; however, I must say … NOTHING but nothing else has given me what I have now – freedom! Simple. Pure. Real. I am believing that all areas of my life will fall into this new pattern.

Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!

Pain is gone!

Dear Steve,

I’m writing to tell you about my mom’s healing last November. She had been having severe back pain with a burning pain running down her right leg. She had gone to a chiropractor and gotten some relief but 2 days later it came back.

I decided to bring her to the “Father’s Touch” service that November Saturday night. By the time Saturday came she was in so much pain she was in bed all day.

I brought her to the meeting in a wheel chair because it hurt her too bad to walk. After she was prayed for that night, she walked out of there on her own and the pain has not come back, Praise the Lord!

Christine – March 12, 2005

Migraine gone


I want to testify to what I’ve seen.

You prayed for me at O & J’s home for the herniated disks in my neck. From that time on, I have not had pain in my neck – and I believe that I have been healed!

In addition, I asked you for an aspirin later at the conference, because I had a migraine headache. You prayed for me instead and the headache left completely!

Praise God for your healing ministry!
B. – Jan ’05

Biopsy is negative!

During the month of November 2004 I found out I had an abnormality (blood discharge and pain) in one of my breasts. According to the doctor, this could have been due to injury (which it was not) or a symptom of cancer or related disease. As a human being, fear was knocking on the door, which could have led into worries, doubts and unbelief. But praise God for He is in control of every situation and also praise Him for your teaching on the 19th of February this year about belief, fear, doubt and unbelief which encouraged me so much at that particular time, before undergoing the test to find out what was wrong.

Deep within my heart there was a reminder of promises that God has given to me, His plan and the purpose for my life and how God has protected and delivered me from a lot of things. I had to turn my focus on Him, knowing that He is in control of every situation in my life. I stood on His word concerning healing and protection reminding Him of what Jesus did for us on the cross, His Word, the things He has done in my life, the promises He has given me and the purpose for my life. My prayer was that nothing could be found.

I attended Father’s Touch healing services in the months of February and March this year, which was before going for the test (biopsy). I was very blessed by your teaching and prayers. In both of the services I attended I was prayed for by your team members. Two days after the last service I attended I went for the test (biopsy) and, praise the Living God, the result came out negative!

“He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.” [Is. 53:5]

“So shall my word be that goes forth from my mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” [Is. 55:11]

Ms. H. April 2005

Darkness broken!

I praise God for joy, for love, for hope in the future on this side of heaven, for hope today, for God’s love casting out fear, for God’s love empowering me to love others.

Like Timothy, I was taught the sacred scriptures from childhood. But my joy was always mixed with a heaviness of heart. Even in the spiritual high points of overseas ministry, those who were close to me would say, “Heavy sigh!” every time I sighed because my sighing was so often and unconscious that friends had to bring it to my attention. This heaviness got darker after my marriage and still darker after I had each of my five children, until I was reluctant to drive freeway overpasses because of the suicidal thoughts that went through my head as I drove. I told my husband I couldn’t trust myself to drive. I felt I was going crazy. As my depression grew worse, my allergies also worsened until I was sick almost all year long day and night. I was also getting multiple bald spots on my head. I felt old and weary of living. For my family’s sake, I prayed to “get well,” not really knowing what that would entail.

When a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer, the Lord used her testimony and faith to bring me answers for my own healing. At a Father’s Touch meeting, I received prayer for depression and allergies, and the spirits of fear and unbelief were cast out! Since then I have felt an unmixed joy bubbling up and out of me onto others. I was surprised how dramatically different I felt in just an instant! I didn’t have to pull myself out from under the weight with agonizing effort. The spirits of heaviness just left and the Lord lifted me up, light and blooming. I am a joyful blossom on the Branch of Christ, dancing in the wind of the Holy Spirit. I feel my body strengthening as my spirit thrives!

At the next meeting of the Father’s touch ministry, I received prayer for tormenting thoughts of death and for the baldness on my head. As I drove home from the meeting, I laughed on the freeway overpasses because, instead of hearing the voices of death, I “saw” the puckered lips of angry but silenced demons whose mouths had been prophetically “sewn shut” that evening. I have such freedom in my spirit and lightness and exuberant joy; I can almost “feel” the hair on my head growing.

I am free to live a life of love and victory and joy! Thank you, Lord! Your love has broken through the darkness, lighting up my countenance, warming away the chilliness in my heart. Joy and love have come together to fill me with Life who is Christ. Praise to Him who first loved us!

Ms. B. – March 2005

Cancer tumors are gone

I saw my doctor today and he told me that according to last week’s MRI all of the liver cancer tumors are gone. Here’s the story:

As you know I was diagnosed with liver cancer in July of last year and was told I needed to get on the liver transplant list ASAP. Only two hospitals in California will do a transplant on someone with HIV: UCSF and Cedars Sinai. I began the evaluations for the transplant. I had a chemotherapy treatment in August and again in November when new tumors developed. I was told the treatments would slow down the cancer but not stop it.

One evening in December I suddenly felt severe pain around my liver. The next day I was admitted to the hospital. During that stay they took an MRI which they said showed numerous new tumors and that I was now no longer a candidate for a transplant. The doctor said I had “months, not years” left. I began to seriously prepare for death. I had no fear of death or judgment because of my faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection. I only wanted to fulfill God’s purpose for however much time I had left. Part of that purpose was fulfilled when I was able to give the New Years Day sermon at my church. It was one of the greatest days in my life to get a chance to preach the Sunday sermon.

After the service, some of us met for lunch and I was talking to my good friend Frank about the mystery of God’s healing. He told me a story about a man he knew named Steve Trullinger who was part of a Christian healing ministry called “The Father’s Touch.” Frank told me that on one occasion Steve and his team had prayed for a man in East Africa who had lost an eye in an accident. Over the course of the day the man grew a new eyeball!

I have been watching “The 700 Club” on CBN lately and they always have two or three documentaries on people that have been prayed for and been healed. I asked my wife Gail if she thought we should go to a healing service somewhere. She said that if the Lord told me to go we should go. Then she said that she thought that if the Lord wanted someone to pray for me, He would bring the person to me.

Tuesday of that week my friend Frank and his son were planning on coming up to visit me and pray for me late on Wednesday afternoon. I asked Frank if he could come on Thursday because the Rose Bowl game was on tv on Wednesday afternoon. Frank said yes. Frank called me on Wednesday and said that he had spoken to Steve from “The Father’s Touch” and that Steve had asked Frank if he could come up and pray for me.

So on Thursday they came over and Steve and I discussed God’s healing. He was a very low key guy and had been a physics professor at USC before going into full time ministry in 1995. I had to ask him to tell me the story of the eyeball growing back, which he did, though in very undramatic fashion. Before we prayed, two of my pharmacy partners, happened to drop by on their way home from the airport so they joined us. So Steve began to pray for me laying his hands on my liver. After he was done praying, he asked me if I felt anything. I said only that I felt his confidence that the Lord was going to heal me and it had given me confidence.

The next day or so I asked Gail if she thought I should have my pastors anoint me with oil and pray over me. She said she didn’t think it was needed because God had already healed me. Then, over the next week or so, the pain around my liver was starting again and getting worse. The doctor had told me in the hospital that it was either the cancer cells dying off or the cancer cells spreading and causing the pain. I generally think in a “worse case scenario” mind-set so of course I assumed the latter.

On January 18 I had an MRI done at the hospital and was to see Dr. L. at the cancer clinic today January 26. Dr. L. came in and asked how I was doing and if I had the MRI done. He had not seen the report yet. He read the MRI report out loud and made comments. It essentially said there was no evidence of tumors in my liver. He looked a little puzzled and apologized for having given me such a bad report in December (that I had “months not years left”). I was speechless. Gail asked him to verify that there were no tumors, which he did. Dr. L. said he would see me in five weeks and that I should make an appointment with the transplant team to see if they would now want to do a transplant.

Still in shock we walked over to the transplant center and I said to the coordinator “hello, I’m John, I was a candidate for a transplant but was rejected because of the extent of the cancer, but now my cancer is gone and Dr. L. said I should come over here for an appointment to review my case again.” She looked at me incredulously and said she’d get the report from Dr. L., discuss the case with the transplant team and get back to me. I don’t think she believed me.

I don’t know what will happen in the future, but for now and forever I say “PRAISE THE LORD!”

John M. – Jan. 27, 2006

Update: February 28, 2006

Dear friends:

Although I’m not seeing my doctor until Thursday, Gail and I went over to Cedars Sinai today to pray for a friend of a friend who is in hospice there. Since we were there I picked up the report of my February 22 MRI which I had ordered to send to UCSF. I got the report and gave it to Gail to read. She read it and said “there’s nothing.” To be precise it says: “no abnormal areas of enhancement are identified within the liver … Impression: no suspicious hepatic lesions are identified.” In other words, NO TUMORS!

Since my last email to you all, and after I saw the oncologist on Jan 25, I saw the transplant surgeon at Cedars and he said that he had seen the December MRI and there were “at least ten tumors” which were not present in the January MRI and so he ordered the Feb 22 MRI thinking the January one was incorrect. He said that I could not be placed on the transplant waiting list until they were more certain that the tumors were gone (and hadn’t spread to any other area). He said he could distinguish tumors because they grow quickly. Last week I spoke to the surgeon at UCSF and he said they had denied my application to get on the list there because of the same concerns. He wanted me to send him the Feb 22 MRI which I will joyfully do tomorrow.

This has to be a miracle from God Almighty. There’s just no other explanation. The ten tumors were present one month after my chemotherapy treatment in November and according to the oncologist (“you have months not years left”) they were spread across the top of my liver like grapes and weren’t even in the location where they had put the chemotherapy. I believe that the ten tumors were there in December and were removed by the Father God through the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ on January 5 when I was prayed for by Steve from The father’s touch ministry. God must still have a purpose for me on earth and his will be done (say amen!).

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

In the gospels, Jesus did miracles, went to the cross and rose from the grave to prove who he is, God who took on the form of a man, the promised Savior, who would die for our sins so we could live forever with him. I believe his purpose for my miracle is the same. He is who he said he is. Please consider what he has done for me as proof that he is the Savior, and can be your Savior if you’ll just ask him.

“God demonstrated his love for us in this: while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8


Joy released

Hi Steve and The Father’s Touch Team,

Please excuse my writing as my English is very limited. I cannot describe how much I appreciate what God has done in my mom’s life last year.

Here is her testimony.

Before the prayer time:

She had extreme pain on her right shoulder for almost 8 month since she fell in the public bath accidentally.

She could not move her arm and it was impassible to raise it up higher.
She went to the specialist to check it up. The doctor found out that her Coracohumeral Ligament was hurt badly. She needed to rehabilitate 5 days a week for 6 month.

She had also been suffering for resentment toward one of her sisters with personal issue.

She tried to forgive her so many times, but never succeeded.

During the prayer time:

She felt some spiritual movement (definitely something, some kind of sensation that she never before experienced!!) is pouring to her hands and they became warm.

Meanwhile, Jesus’ cross and God’s love came to her, it was so real.
She couldn’t stop her tears and praised God.

That’s her unforgetable spiritual experience for the very first time in her 46 years of Christian life.

After the prayer time:

She asked God for healing. Right after the prayer, she had no more pain. She had no problem rising up her arm straight.

Also she was released from the spiritual burden for not being able to forgive her sister for a long, long time. It’s miracle!!

Now she is a happy woman. That was the greatest gift from God in 2005 for her.

God gave her a little bit extra. Her fat tumor on her left thumb had been smaller day by day since the meeting. It was finally gone within a week.
That was an unexpected surprise as she was scheduled to have surgery later.

Thank you for your honorable work to God.

M. – Feb. 9, 2006

Healing coming!

Hi Lynne!

Also, there is more to my testimony! I am also healed of a chronic virus that I’ve been afflicted with for most of my adult life. It’s gone….simply Gone!! I have been off anti-virals for several weeks now. I even traveled and I always have become ill during travel in the past. He spoke to me while I was packing and reaching for my drugs, ‘do you trust Me?’. He asked me twice and I said yes. I left them at home and did not get even the slightest sniffle!! This is Huge in my life, Lynne……I am totally set free. I am trusting Him in another area of healing and I know it’s coming…..I praise His Name……Precious Jesus….

He has also given me a new heart….a heart of flesh…..I was once hardened to the mission field because it was too painful for me to even look upon the suffering children….I simply couldn’t bear it, it hurt too badly. But now… heart is captured! I must go to Africa and love the children!! I must love life right into them. I have no idea how this will come to pass, but I know I am going. In the past, I couldn’t even consider such a thing… sensitive heart and frail health surely prevented even the notion. But now!!! But God!!! I can see it on the horizon!!!! The Lord used you, His humble one, to bring Life to me….on so many levels!!!

Amazed by His Goodness and Love,