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From the Homefront

Anxiety on the run!

By April 10, 2021August 7th, 2021No Comments
I have struggled since I was 9 to get control over my crippling anxiety. I was on 14 different medications to control stroke symptoms, blindness, muscle disorders and chronic pain due to migraines; all due to uncontrollable anxiety. At 37 I was a 50 year old woman and my doctor’s question mark.

I am amazed at the healing He has given me through your ministry. When I had no faith to believe anymore you prayed for perfect truth. Days later I saw through His eyes the way I had been treating myself for something that wasn’t my fault. It just made sense to stop, that simple. So, I chose to be compassionate towards myself, God took over the rest and my life began as the migraines ended.

I then put faith into action and applied to university and just found out I’m accepted for January. Now I can use the brain God intended me to use. I laugh more, am less serious, and treat myself with more respect.

I was still fighting anxiety so I got more prayer Friday night. Although I don’t comprehend the spiritual world, I know that something changed; something that only God could do. I’m no longer anxious. The chronic arthritic pain is gone! I can breathe easier, like I’m not weighted down. And I’m not vibrating with anxiousness.

I have never experienced God in this way before and I am in awe of what He can do. I also wanted to encourage you to continue sharing the way you do. You speak in a way that is easy to comprehend and without condemnation and pride but with encouragement. You present the gospel in a way that is both humble and inspiring. It is evident the servant attitude that you have within you.

Many blessings,
K. – 11/22/04

P.S. Looking back a couple months I’m so thankful I chose not to go back to my medium/fortunetelling lifestyle I left 6 years ago. Just as it became too much to bear, He lifted it! Now I understand why we need to be in fellowship with each other and meet together to encourage, to believe, to witness and to pray.

I have to say as I continue experiencing more and more freedom on a daily basis, it has given me faith to believe that my family will eventually come to know Him too. Being first-generation Christian is an honour but I’d sure like to share the journey with them so they can see it’s not about fear, manipulation and control but rather peace, joy and freedom.

Finding answers in quick fixes, horoscopes, the universe, etc., may seem immediate and feeds the need to know and control; however, I must say … NOTHING but nothing else has given me what I have now – freedom! Simple. Pure. Real. I am believing that all areas of my life will fall into this new pattern.

Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!