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Sinus being healed

By April 10, 2021August 21st, 2021No Comments

A year ago, I started having sinus problems that led to migraines and cluster headaches. I ended up in the emergency room and hospitalized for ten to twelve weeks. I would cry for two hours a day from the pain. It felt like someone was kicking the inside of my skull. I have never felt so much pain in my life and pray I never will again.

The doctors at first though I had bleeding in the brain because the pain medicine wasn’t working. My neurologist couldn’t figure it out. He had me take all kinds of different medicine. I had to keep going to work while this was happening so I could pay my bills. I am a computer animator for movies and I have to stare at the screen for ten hours a day. This only made the pain worse. I would be crying at the computer and trying to hide it so no one saw. I ended up working twelve-hour days just so I could get my work done, because I couldn’t concentrate due to the pain. My friends would drop me off at the emergency room to be hospitalized on the weekends because I had to work during the week. I was there with needles in my arms, tubes in my nose, not able to eat, and I lost fifteen pounds. Not even the morphine would take the pain away.

I grew a bigger heart for others and learned to pray for them more than for me. I learned to ask others for prayer, that we need to come together and not let pride get in the way. One of my friends mentioned that his father was part of The Father’s Touch Ministry team. He contacted them and they sent a team of three to pray for me. They prayed over my head and I felt like it was really working. I was able to travel to their house meetings a few times after that to receive more ministry.

Through prayer and hormonal therapy I rapidly improved and now am totally fine! I haven’t had a migraine since!

Praise God that this team was able to help heal me! Thank you!

L. – Sept. 10, 2004