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Adventures in Africa

An extraordinary miracle with the authority to heal!

By July 5, 2013July 16th, 2022No Comments

July 5, 2013:

God did an extraordinary miracle through a young Kenyan boy named Sebastian on the platform during this 4th night of our Freedom Festival in Kakamega, Kenya. I called 10 people with pain up to the platform and told those remaining on the field who also had pain that they “would be healed also, so please be patient!”

I had the 10 people line up across the back of the platform, facing the crowd, and then I called for a young volunteer to help me. Sebastian responded and came up to the platform and stood ready to help me. When I asked if he was saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and believed God could do anything, he answered “Ndio!” which means “Yes!”

I preached on the power that healed people as the Apostle Peter simply walked by the sick who had been laid on beds and mats on his way through the streets of Jerusalem to Solomon’s colonnade, as described in Acts, Chapter 5. That same power (Holy Spirit) resides in every believer today, including my volunteer, Sebastian!

So, as Sebastian walked past the sick on the platform, obeying my instruction to not pray for them and not even look at them, but instead pretend he was Peter walking through the streets of Jerusalem on his way to preach a sermon, all but one of those in pain was healed by that “Living Water” inside of Sebastian that was “pouring out” in accordance with John 7:38-39! [The remaining person had some severe demonic oppression and was ministered to afterward by pastors on the field.]

When I then turned my attention to those still on the field with pain to get them healed, I discovered that they too had been healed as Sebastian walked by the sick on the platform!!

I was astounded by this “long-distance walk-by healing” miracle by Sebastian and commissioned him as a healing minister on the spot! As a result of this extraordinary miracle by a young Kenyan boy, many people gave their lives to Christ! Bwana asifiwe! [Lord, be praised!]

July 7, 2013:

An epilogue to our status report two days ago, concerning the 4th night of our Freedom Festival in Kakamega, Kenya: The young boy named Sebastian, who healed the crowd simply by walking by the line of people with pain on the platform, attended our host church this morning for the Sunday service.

He testified that the one remaining person on the platform who had pain (in his ear), did in fact get healed later as local leaders ministered to him.  First he gave his life to Jesus and then all his ear pain left, and demonic oppression ended!

Sebastian (whom I commissioned as a healing minister on Thursday evening in front of the crowd) told the congregation today that he knows he has authority to heal and he is pursuing his destiny calling in God! Hallelujah! As I preached this morning on the “Healing Power of Compassion,” the congregation healed everyone with pain in their midst!

Kakamega is “buzzing” with news of the hundreds of miracles during our Freedom Festival and hundreds of salvations! This city will never be the same, as the belief level has gone up tremendously and there is now an “army” of ministers of the healing compassion of Jesus! Bwana asifiwe! [Lord, be praised!]

–Steve Trullinger