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Adventures in Africa

All were healed!

By July 22, 2013September 1st, 2021No Comments

Wow, what a tremendous way for the Lord to finish the Freedom Festival held for 6 days in Lodwar [northern Kenya]! I felt strongly from the Lord this last night that he wanted to bless the people in attendance with an amazing display of his healing love, and he did just that!

When I asked the crowd of 5000+ to tell me by a show of hands which of them needed healing in their bodies, about 1000 people raised their hand. I encouraged them to believe with me that every one of them would be healed this night and that not one sick person would be left on the field, in accordance with the command of Jesus to “heal the sick!” [Mt 10:8; Lk 10:9]

A 13-yr old boy named Puse, who believed that God could do anything, helped me demonstrate on the platform that the sick can be healed simply by walking past them, a la Peter [Acts, Chpt. 5]. Then more children, led by Puse, walked several times in a circle around several sick on the field in front of the platform and they were all healed!

Next we had the crowd hold up their handkerchiefs and various cloths as I prayed from the platform for God’s healing power to fill these items, which were then placed on many of the sick and they were healed, a la Paul in Acts 19:11-12.

Many sick remained however, so we then simply waved the handkerchiefs in the air and commanded healing of the sick, and several hundred were healed this way. With only about 100 of the original 1000 still needing healing, we then had the crowd dance to a worship song, led by a well-known worship leader in East Africa, and all but 20 were healed!

After I gathered these 20 in front of the platform, a young girl named Millicent volunteered to help me from the platform, as Puse led his “team” in walking in a circle around these remaining 20. Millicent simply pointed to the sick people from the platform and commanded their healing. Eventually, all but one of the 20 were healed!

Out of the original 1000+ needing healing, now only one remained: a deaf-mute boy. I called him to the platform and Millicent and I prayed for him and he began to speak and his hearing began improving after repeated ministry on the platform. He went away rejoicing as his ears continued to improve!

As “advertised” by the Lord, not one sick person was left on the field! Then several dozen amazed folks gave their lives to Christ as we closed out this incredible week in Lodwar! Bwana asifiwe! [Lord, be praised!]