One! Message Collection

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Oneness! – The perfect unity of the saints that Jesus prayed for the night before he was crucified [John 17:20-23]. This is arguably his “ultimate” goal for his disciples, and not just for those who were present with him at the Last Supper, but for all of us to come after them because of their teachings handed down through the ages. How will this come about, with so much division and strife among the believers? Jesus gave us the answer explicitly, hidden in plain sight in the Scriptures, and there is even a fantastic clue for us “stashed” by Abba in his creation. Listen to this collection of messages birthed in nearly 30 years of revelation sought and accumulated by Steve as he searched the heart of his Father deeply to discover the power of Jesus-level love to unite all the brethren, a mutual love so powerful that his Bride will become perfect even with imperfect saints. Be encouraged on your journey of transformation into One!

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