Restoration of Fatherhood!


How do you think your life would change if you knew how Abba (Father God) felt about fathers and fatherhood? Are you interested in doing something about fatherlessness? In this pioneering message given (in Santa Cruz, CA) in 2018, Steve shares a divine strategy for fathers, prospective fathers, and the women who support them. You will learn the good news about how fathers can have hope restored, confidence recovered, and purpose discovered! This strategy is neither performance-based nor focused on behavior modification, but much more powerful and effective! It is founded on gaining revelation of three pivotal aspects of Abba’s loving desire to bless fathers and their families: (1) Abba has purposed immeasurable joy and blessing for fathers, (2) Abba desires to strongly support fathers, and (3) Abba has designed incredible legacies for families. Be encouraged as Steve briefly shares this strategy for the restoration of Abba’s original design for the blessing of fatherhood!

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