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From the Homefront

I’m healed!

By April 10, 2021January 15th, 2022No Comments

Steve Trullinger had just come to teach us about healing on Thursday and Friday night [May 8 & 9]. During this time he shared and prayed over us the impartation he received at Lakeland, Florida. I received all I could in hunger despite my own [lack of] understanding.

Not quite sure if anything happened in the way of impartation we conducted our weekly church service to the poor and homeless of Tacoma on Sunday morning [May 11]. What we all experienced that day was an increase in the anointing. I personally prayed for about 6 people that morning [which is and of itself a miracle for those in this demographic to display that type of hunger for prayer]. It seemed like half the people I got a chance to pray for felt an immediate change in their physical bodies.

One woman, Diane, who had come for the first time, was recently evicted from her apartment. Diane is a sweet woman about 50 to 60 years of age who loves Jesus. She and her son had just been put onto the streets. I met her during the breakfast after the service and asked to pray a blessing of provision/prosperity over her. She said “yes.”

As I prayed, I asked if she had any pain in her physical body. She said that her knee had been in so much pain that she could hardly make it up any hills or stairs. She gave me permission to pray over her knee as well and I put my hand on the location and began to command the pain to leave and the knee to be restored. I asked her what she felt and she said she felt warmness all over her affected knee.

I asked her to test it and she bent down and confirmed that all the pain had gone.

I saw Diane just a couple of months after the event and she said her knee was feeling wonderful and the miracle had been sustained.