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From the Homefront

Good reports coming in

By April 10, 2021August 5th, 2021No Comments

Dear “The Father’s Touch Ministries”,

I wanted to share with you what a miracle that God did today. My name is Mary Nygard. I am from Living Hope Church in Lynnwood, Wa. I met Steve Trullinger at a home meeting with my friend Mary Greig. At that meeting, Steve was talking about sharing testimonies. We/I have a testimony to share from what happened today. Today, some people from our church and myself, went down to the streets of Seattle to minister to the homeless. I made a big pot of beef barley soup and we brought hot dogs and lunch bags full of peanut butter crackers and a banana and juice and my friend Mary’s personal testimony. We also had over 50 blankets and a few coats and sweaters to give out. As we were talking to people and passing out food and blankets, a man by the name of JP stood in front of us and told us that he had a problem with the ligaments in his right leg and was having a hard time walking because it was so painful. We asked if we could pray for him and he said yes. We prayed for him and then I asked him how his leg was. He said that it still hurt. We prayed again. This time, my friend Mary put her hand on the back of his calf and I put my hand on the front of his leg. I began to pray and to command those ligaments in his leg to line up with the Word of God and then I spoke healing into his leg and whole body. As we were praying, JP said, “I’m scared now!” I asked why him why he was scared and he said that it was trippy and that his leg didn’t hurt and he could move it with no pain! When I talked to Mary afterward, she told me that when we were praying, she began to feel the ligaments in the back of his leg move around and that is when he said that he was scared. We asked him if he wanted to accept Jesus into his heart but he was too scared and not ready yet. God healed him! We are all believing that JP will be saved! I think the reason why he was scared is because he felt the anointing power of the Holy Spirit and he never felt that before and so didn’t understand what it was. We are planning many more outings to help the homeless. They were so blessed! We just want to lift up the name of Jesus! We want to thank our God for healing this man’s leg and thank Him that He is going to finish the good work that He has begun in JP by drawing him into a saving relationship with Christ. Just wanted to share the good news. Also we prayed for JP’s friend Michael Jones who wasn’t there but JP told us that he had an infection in his bones to where the bones were showing and rotting through the skin. We prayed for Michael and Mary gave JP our church phone number so that he could call us to give us the good report about his friend being healed. We are expecting a good report very soon! May God bless you! Blessings, Mary