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From the Homefront

Faith rising up!

By April 10, 2021August 5th, 2021No Comments

During a recent home ministry meeting on a Monday night, Steve prayed for a woman who received a powerful Father’s touch of freedom from fear. Near the end of the session, he was given a prophetic vision of encouragement revealing God’s intent to do something about her mounting bills. He saw her bills all being stamped, one after the other, with the words, “PAID IN FULL!” [We learned that, to make her situation worse, her car would not start after the meeting, and needed to be towed to a shop, adding yet another bill!] But God …… Here is her testimony:

“Steve, our bills were “PAID IN FULL” by Friday. My Mother-in-law stopped by the day after our meeting and offered us a check to help us get our broken down vehicles fixed and help with other bills that we had. On top of that my Mother also gave us a couple thousand to help us get caught up and put money in savings to help us get on top of our finances. So GOD does answer prayer, and so quickly. I never imagined he would do that so fast. I think since I finally gave up and let God take away everything, I was at his mercy, and he blessed us. Since that evening I have shared that experience with my small group at church and it blessed them and another women with her lack of faith. YAY GOD!!! I also shared in that small group to a non-believer who has just started attending our church. He looked very shocked. 🙂 God has been working in and through me like I have always wanted. I believe that Monday night was my Divine appointment with God. Thank you for your prayers again and just opening up my heart to accept and listen to God for probably the first time in my entire 29 years. Praise God!”