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From the Homefront

Collar Bone Healed!

By April 10, 2021July 16th, 2023No Comments

What an amazing evening at HRC with Steve Trullinger! Steve shared with us how we can pray for the sick and they WILL recover – all things are possible to those who believe! As we came to the close of our meeting, there were many people standing – all with pain in their bodies… we were instructed to turn to those closest to us and declare healing over them in the name of Jesus – that is what I did….and wow!! …. as I spoke those words over my brother in Christ in back of me – he began to weep with his wife holding his collar bone area stating that the pain was gone!! Praise the Lord!! What an encouragement this was to me – as I pray regularly for those who are in need of emotional healing but to see the physical healing right in front of my eyes was just the best!! Thank you Jesus!! Thank you brother Steve for bringing this message to us and sharing God’s heart!! -Cari