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Adventures in Africa

We prayed for a dead woman and she resurrected today…

By June 26, 2016December 8th, 2021No Comments

While we were seeing many miracles this weekend on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, one of my spiritual grandsons, Dismas Onjula, in Dandora (Nairobi), Kenya, was conducting a 3-day Freedom Festival (crusade). Here is his brief report of many salvations and the raising of a dead woman through prayer:

“It was phenomenal and a real climax indeed today in (the) Dandora Crusade. More than 700 souls were born again within those 3days {Yes It’s Time To Make Hell Empty and Make Heaven Full!} because the Harvest is plenty indeed brethren. Yesterday, we prayed for a dead woman and she resurrected today she gave a testimony and God be the glory for His mighty doings in the land of the living.”

Additional details from Bishop Dismas:

“Papa she’s a woman single mother of 4 children. She was just brought from the crowd bleeding blood through the nose and mouth; then we allowed the ushers and one nurse to (perform) first aid but 5 minutes letter we were told she’s gone. Then they brought the body in front of the pulpit. Then the Holy Spirit said we should close her grave and claim her back to life and she came back to life and God be the glory.”

“She died before she got born again but after the resurrection, she accepted salvation and got born again.”