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From the Homefront

Presence of God!

By April 10, 2021August 5th, 2021No Comments

During our Easter break of 2006, I traveled with Elana, Caleb, and a group of about 10 more students to Kansas City to spend a week at the International House of Prayer. Some of the students had gone to OneThing the previous December, and they stayed in the home of a generous couple, Bob and Debby S. I thought it was kind that they had opened up their home again to us, but I did not expect them to minister to us as they did! Not only were they extraordinarily hospitable, they also would have daily meetings with us, during which they would let the Holy Spirit lead them in what to teach us. Watching them let the Holy Spirit lead was a lesson in itself. They told us testimonies of their trips to Africa; they prophesied over all of us and taught us to do the same; they even invited friends from different parts of the country to come and minister to us! One in particular, Steve Trullinger, taught us about God’s ability to heal supernaturally. While Steve was ministering to us, he sensed that God wanted him to impart healing anointing to us… and he sensed God calling me to this anointing in particular! This was an incredibly exciting time for me! He prayed over me and asked me to hold out my hands, and as I did I felt a burning sensation and a weight in my hands that nearly made me fall to the ground (others held me up). Afterwards, Bob asked if anyone else had seen the angel in the room! This was an amazing, anointed time. Steve then had me activate this anointing, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. One of the students in the room had been experiencing severe knee pain and had not been able to run or lift weights. So I simply asked God what to do and followed His lead. I prayed over the young man, using the authority I knew I had in Christ, and proclaimed that the knees were healed. He then jumped straight up in the air, began laughing, and ran around the house shouting praises to God! Wow.