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From the Homefront

New hunger rising up

By April 10, 2021August 5th, 2021No Comments

Hi Steve. This is Ben … You met with me at my uncle Rick’s home a few months back. You and Rick ministered to me and prayed with me and eventually I was saved and baptised in Christ(though not with water). I wanted to send you a quick email to thank you again for your time that day. It did then and still does mean a lot, as we had never met before.

I’m still new in Christ, have good days and bad days(as expected) and am occasionally unsure(as expected again) but I feel better. I feel like I’ve made real progress. I feel the Holy Spirit in my life, changing the way I think and feel about things. My attitudes and desires are not the same as they were before. It was very subtle at first, but I’ve come to notice it a lot more in the last month or so as I realized things that have changed without me even noticing(such as cursing which I don’t seem to do at all now, nor have a desire too).

I can still feel the enemy always trying to place doubts and temptations in front of me but I’m much better at fighting them back now with God’s help. Amazing how much easier things are when you are not relying entirely on your own strength.

Only in the past week I’ve started to feel a real need to devour the bible and it’s helped matters drastically. I cannot say how exactly, but it has. It all comes back to the word. That is where the strength comes from. The assurances come from. The belief comes from. Gods word interpreted for us by the Holy Spirit. It’s amazing stuff.