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From the Homefront

New freedom!

By April 10, 2021August 7th, 2021No Comments
“I had been struggling with depression and overall feelings of anxiety for years, at times feeling worse than I did before I reconciled my relationship with my Lord Jesus 8 years ago. Through the Father’s Touch ministry I was able to learn that being saved did not necessarily mean I was free of bondage. I was born in a family that had at one time practiced, for generations, spiritism and Santeria, both very demonic occult practices. To make things worse, I too began to dabble heavily in Eastern religions and New Age philosophies, and they became a way of life for twenty years. Coming to the saving knowledge of Christ gave me the assurance of salvation, but I didn’t feel free.

Through an incredible healing session with Father’s Touch ministry two years ago, I can honestly say that the bondage has broken, I feel free, and I have come to know Jesus in a deeper way. Although the transformation has been a process, my life has changed and I’ve come to experience a level of intimacy with my Lord and a deep love for others that I never thought I could have.”

L. – May 2004