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From the Homefront

Joy released

By April 10, 2021August 7th, 2021No Comments
Hi Steve and The Father’s Touch Team,

Please excuse my writing as my English is very limited. I cannot describe how much I appreciate what God has done in my mom’s life last year.

Here is her testimony.

Before the prayer time:

She had extreme pain on her right shoulder for almost 8 month since she fell in the public bath accidentally.

She could not move her arm and it was impassible to raise it up higher.
She went to the specialist to check it up. The doctor found out that her Coracohumeral Ligament was hurt badly. She needed to rehabilitate 5 days a week for 6 month.

She had also been suffering for resentment toward one of her sisters with personal issue.

She tried to forgive her so many times, but never succeeded.

During the prayer time:

She felt some spiritual movement (definitely something, some kind of sensation that she never before experienced!!) is pouring to her hands and they became warm.

Meanwhile, Jesus’ cross and God’s love came to her, it was so real.
She couldn’t stop her tears and praised God.

That’s her unforgetable spiritual experience for the very first time in her 46 years of Christian life.

After the prayer time:

She asked God for healing. Right after the prayer, she had no more pain. She had no problem rising up her arm straight.

Also she was released from the spiritual burden for not being able to forgive her sister for a long, long time. It’s miracle!!

Now she is a happy woman. That was the greatest gift from God in 2005 for her.

God gave her a little bit extra. Her fat tumor on her left thumb had been smaller day by day since the meeting. It was finally gone within a week.
That was an unexpected surprise as she was scheduled to have surgery later.

Thank you for your honorable work to God.

M. – Feb. 9, 2006