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From the Homefront

Intestinal healing

By April 10, 2021August 5th, 2021No Comments

Hi Steve! Some great things came out of the home meeting.

First of all, our daughter is totally changed; she now has a testimony of the work of the Lord in her life. She is bolder and sharing the way the Lord ministered to her at our home meeting and has a real understanding of how the enemy comes against us and how we have authority to deal with his work, she is excited!

This part is incredible; my mother had been struggling with an intestinal
problem for many many years, I think about 15. She had developed allergies
to most every thing and when she would eat wheat or some dairy or meat or
glucose, and many more, her intestines would become inflamed and she would
experience severe cramps and diarrhea for several days. The only food she
could eat that wouldn’t trouble her was cheese yogurt and oranges. It way so
bad that sometimes she would just have a normal meal and endure the pain
because of the restrictions that diet had.

My mom has called me twice now reporting that she is healed and able to have regular meals. They went out for Mexican last night!

Also, our friend Dave who was here called from a trip they are on, he had
prayer for a problem in his neck that had really been bothering him. Well
it’s gone now!

Submitted by Ray S. 5/6/2007