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From the Homefront

Healing is happening!

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January 4, 2008

Hello Friends,

It is 14 months after Greg’s accident, and I want to share some exciting news:

God is good, all the time!!! The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!

Greg moved this week!

Greg’s wife, Lori, has been blessing Greg’s body as she helps Greg do his range of motion exercises daily. Greg has not had a Hypothalamus storm (like a seizure) since April. We were told by doctors these storms would get worse until Greg died. We kept breaking off the word curses, blessing every part of Greg, telling the lobes of his new brain to integrate and work together, and calling forth life in Greg. After prayer regarding many infections, Greg has been infection-free for over 3 months. We have continued to pray. Lori also changed to a new doctor. The doctor and nurses are noticing positive changes and saying, “Whatever you are doing, keep it up!”

We had several people staying with us at our home for One Thing Conference, The Call, and had a few evening meetings at our home too. We took a small team: a friend, Steve Trullinger, of Father’s Touch Ministries in California, and 3 young men from Iowa, and I met Lori and Keri, Greg’s wife and daughter, at the nursing home on Jan. 2 to pray for Greg. After calling Greg’s spirit man to attention and all of us praying for him, Greg still appeared to be sleeping, (eyes closed, breathing rhythmically, etc). I kept hearing Holy Spirit tell me to talk to Greg, so I moved back over there, got right down in Greg’s face and quietly told him, “Greg, I know this is hard, but can you move something to show us you are hearing us, to communicate back to us?” . . . So, after a wait of about 2 minutes, Greg moved several parts of his body to try to communicate back to us: his left fingers squeezing our fingers, his left pointer finger moving slowly and deliberately up and down, his right shoulder moving up and forward, his right thigh muscles tensed, his right knee went up and down, and he pushed down on my hand with his right big toe! This continued for about 10 minutes. Greg is trying to respond and communicate! Seven people saw it. Lori cried and cried as God’s presence overwhelmed her. Greg has scared some nurses recently by answering one of their many questions: “Yeah.” We encouraged Greg to do that some more. Hee, Hee!

While we were praying for Greg, Steve Trullinger had visions of Greg with Jesus at his favorite beach in Florida, running through waves, and then later on a deep sea fishing boat, catching a big fish. Now when Lori is with Greg, she is seeing Greg in places they have been where Greg enjoys himself.

We are continuing to pray for the completion of Greg’s healing here! Will you join us? It is happening! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!!!

Debby S.
Kansas City