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From the Homefront

Healing in body!

By April 10, 2021August 5th, 2021No Comments

Hi Steve,
My name is Dena. I asked you to pray for my son Colin at the Sunday night service on June 7th. (New Horizons Church) My request was for healing of his allergies and asthma. While you were praying I heard you say something like “Wow! That was awesome, Thank you Jesus”. I didn’t get to talk to you after you prayed because my little guy was running and being rowdy, but I wanted to let you know what has happened since you prayed.

A little background on him: Allergic to peanuts, wheat, soy, banana, tomato, and eggs. He has different reactions with each different food, but it always turns into asthma issues within 2 days max. (We found out about his allergies when he was 9 months old with peanut butter.)

On Friday the 12th, we had a birthday BBQ at the park. Of course there was cake, but Colin has never liked cake. In fact, he has never shown interest in the things he’s allergic to, thank you Lord. On Friday, however, he asked me for cake. Over and over again. My protective and cautious side said “no!”, but there was something telling me “yes, just a little bit”. So after he fell off the table I gave him a few bites of cake having decided that I was gonna put my faith in God that he had healed Colin. So I kept an eye on him for the next few days, just being cautious and watchful. Nothing showed up.

Usually the first step of any reaction is dark purple under his eyes. With wheat it would then progress to welts all over him and then to asthma. However by Sunday night he still had had no reaction, no discoloration, nothing. Then on Sunday he got into a package of cookies containing wheat and soy. Again I didn’t worry about it, but was watchful. Monday he got into the package of cookies and finished off the last 2 or 3 and again I just watched him. Absolutely nothing! No reaction still! Praise God!

So I just wanted to share that with you and tell you thank you so much for being obedient to God. Also for being open to share your anointing with others. I don’t know if he’s completely healed, but I do know that if he wasn’t touched by God at all his body would have been in turmoil that weekend. Thank you again.