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From the Homefront

Healing coming!

By April 10, 2021August 7th, 2021No Comments
Hi Lynne!

Also, there is more to my testimony! I am also healed of a chronic virus that I’ve been afflicted with for most of my adult life. It’s gone….simply Gone!! I have been off anti-virals for several weeks now. I even traveled and I always have become ill during travel in the past. He spoke to me while I was packing and reaching for my drugs, ‘do you trust Me?’. He asked me twice and I said yes. I left them at home and did not get even the slightest sniffle!! This is Huge in my life, Lynne……I am totally set free. I am trusting Him in another area of healing and I know it’s coming…..I praise His Name……Precious Jesus….

He has also given me a new heart….a heart of flesh…..I was once hardened to the mission field because it was too painful for me to even look upon the suffering children….I simply couldn’t bear it, it hurt too badly. But now… heart is captured! I must go to Africa and love the children!! I must love life right into them. I have no idea how this will come to pass, but I know I am going. In the past, I couldn’t even consider such a thing… sensitive heart and frail health surely prevented even the notion. But now!!! But God!!! I can see it on the horizon!!!! The Lord used you, His humble one, to bring Life to me….on so many levels!!!

Amazed by His Goodness and Love,