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From the Homefront

God is moving

By April 10, 2021August 5th, 2021No Comments

Hi, Steve.
My mom and my sister (S.) who has Downs Syndrome went to your seminar in Pasadena couple of weeks ago and received prayer from you. After that prayer, S. is almost a different person.

She started to speak more clearly and express herself, her anger or her pleasure, at what was happening around her instead of just withdrawing into silence. She started to explain what she wanted to do instead of sulking or giving us the silent treatment because she knew we would not understand.

When we asked her about her change, S. said it was because of her DNA! She understood and remembered what you had said in your prayer.

She is expressing herself with us. She had never done that before in such a free manner.

We wanted to share what God has done through you.
Thank you for your prayers,
Lisa P.