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From the Homefront

Changed dreams!

By August 1, 2003August 6th, 2021No Comments

“I’m writing to thank you for praying for me last year at the conference. I battled with fear as far back as I could remember, fear to go outside my home and when home, fear to open my window blinds even slightly when my husband went to work. This fear consumed my life and left me paralyzed. In my dreams I was always inside my home looking out with bars on the windows. When I came to the conference I watched person after person go up and get prayer and receive their freedom, but I was frozen in fear in my chair, till I was the last person left who needed prayer. A friend urged me to go up. When I did you took my hands in yours and I remember gripping yours in terror. You looked in my eyes and spoke to fear itself and commanded it to leave. I cried and did feel the release. I knew I was set free. You instructed me to speak out to the familiar spirit when it came back: ‘God’s perfect love casts out fear;’ I’ve done this a few times when out on a morning walk. While trying to speak this out I usually start laughing – I know this is the Spirit of the Lord. As for my dreams, I haven’t had another dream with bars on my windows.”

V. – August 2003