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From the Homefront


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At my first Father’s Touch conference in September of 2003, I received ministry from Charlie Robinson who broke a “log jam” in my spirit. (I had hit a wall in my relationship with Jesus.)

I knew there was more to do, so I asked Steve Trullinger to pray for me. I had the feeling of a “spiritual claw” on my brain off and on and it was present very strongly at that moment. It oppressed me off and on and kept me from thinking clearly, especially in hearing and revelation of God.

In a heartbeat, Steve broke the power of generational freemasonry off me and I collapsed and the Lord ministered to me very strongly for over 10 minutes. I thought no wonder I was drawn to Mormonism at age 16, when I really wanted Jesus. The “spiritual claw” was gone and I began hearing Him more clearly immediately!

I eventually got up delivered and began walking towards my friend to tell her what happened. Although no one was near me, the power of God threw me to the ground and I ended up on my back looking up towards the ceiling.

The ceiling “disappeared” and I had an open vision. I saw clouds in the sky and a round opening in the clouds (the Lord called it a portal). Then a golden beam came out of it and shone down onto my belly.

The power of God was so strong and the Lord opened my understanding about other past experiences connected to the freemasonry that I was not even aware of. I began breaking them off of me and then began having vision after vision.

This breakthrough pushed me to the next level and I have moved forward since then.

Praise God!

M.H. – Oct. 9, 2004