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From the Homefront

Belief is contagious!

By November 1, 2013August 28th, 2021No Comments

At tonight’s class in our 4-day School of Supernatural Healing in Salinas, CA, a young lady, who had heretofore not seen a healing as she prayed for people, raised her hand when Steve called for a volunteer to help him with a demonstration.

Another lady came forward when he called for a volunteer that had pain in their body. She had suffered severe pain in her joints for several years and needed a miracle. Steve encouraged the young lady to exercise her authority from Christ as she commanded all the pain to leave the woman’s body, and it did so!

The woman was in tears as she testified that she was believing God to be healed by the end of the month, and even today, her pain had been worse than ever. Goodbye, pain! You are no match for a young lady who knows her authority in Christ and now wields the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish miracles! A healing minister was “born” tonight! Hallelujah!

By the way, at the break time shortly afterward, other students were healing the sick among their classmates! They didn’t wait long to put what they’ve learned into practice! Belief is contagious! Mk 9:23