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From the Homefront

Arthritic hands healed

After yesterday’s Resurrection Day celebration dinner with friends, the Risen Lord Jesus showered mercy on the matriarch of the family by restoring the range of motion in her arthritic hands, completely removing pain from one of them, and giving dramatic relief in the other hand as well! Amazing love from our amazing God!

–Steve Trullinger


They reached out to the one

Two friends just paid a visit to the (formerly Buddhist) grandpa we recently led to Jesus in a convalescent home. He needs less care, no longer has violent thoughts, and smiled when they said “Hi!” for me. They read to him from John’s Gospel, helping him grow in Christ. I pray we always reach out to the one, not just the thousands on the crusade fields! Please share the Father’s precious love with someone soon!

–Steve Trullinger


She said it was the “best day of her life!”

During our recent ministry to 14 women inmates in a county jail in Wisconsin, the Father’s love poured out in a powerful message of forgiveness. All 14 gave their lives to Jesus, received forgiveness and began to forgive others who had hurt them. One woman shared that it was the “best day of her life!” – Amen and amen!!!

–Steve Trullinger


The power of God’s love healed them

Several believers took it up a notch at Chicago River Church as they healed the sick today, by simply walking by them while believing that the power of God’s love would touch those in pain in the same way as happened through Peter as he walked past the sick laid by friends in the streets of Jerusalem [Acts 5]! An awesome display of the Father’s loving touch!

–Steve Trullinger


She walked away pain-free!

During “swallowship” after the Sunday evening service at HRock Church, our waitress at the diner complained of severe pain in her foot and her need to visit the doctor in the morning. So Doctor Jesus paid her a visit right at our table and she walked away pain free!

–Steve Trullinger


God is moving!

I want to share with you how your ministry touched my life when you were here in Los Alamos. During your ministry over me, you placed your hands on my vocal cords and began speaking over them. I was screaming as I was overtaken with raw supernatural power surging through my body. It was so powerful, I literally thought I would die, and that was okay with me! You also spoke extreme holiness over me several times. Well guess what??! My thyroid disease of 30 years is healed!!! Gone!! When I took my medication the next couple of days, it gave me symptoms so I stopped it. Every time in the past that I’ve even tried to cut down, I’ve experienced debilitating symptoms for many days following. It’s been weeks now and I am medication free!! My thyroid is totally healed!! Also, God has continued to work deeply in me. He’s called me to an even deeper level of consecration and separation that I’ve ever known before. And I thought I was pretty set apart for the past 2 years! WOW! He is walking me through this new calling step by step. My husband is baptizing me this weekend as a prophetic act of this new walk He is calling me to. Yesterday, when you were praying, I once again could physically feel the supernatural power surging through my body. I heard the lightnings and thunderings of God again. I loved it that God was letting me participate in the spirit. He just overtakes me with His Goodness!!! My heart delights in Him!! And I thank Him for you, dear Lynne, and your willingness to lay your life down for Jesus and His precious ones.

My heart honors you,

Circa 2006

Changed dreams!

“I’m writing to thank you for praying for me last year at the conference. I battled with fear as far back as I could remember, fear to go outside my home and when home, fear to open my window blinds even slightly when my husband went to work. This fear consumed my life and left me paralyzed. In my dreams I was always inside my home looking out with bars on the windows. When I came to the conference I watched person after person go up and get prayer and receive their freedom, but I was frozen in fear in my chair, till I was the last person left who needed prayer. A friend urged me to go up. When I did you took my hands in yours and I remember gripping yours in terror. You looked in my eyes and spoke to fear itself and commanded it to leave. I cried and did feel the release. I knew I was set free. You instructed me to speak out to the familiar spirit when it came back: ‘God’s perfect love casts out fear;’ I’ve done this a few times when out on a morning walk. While trying to speak this out I usually start laughing – I know this is the Spirit of the Lord. As for my dreams, I haven’t had another dream with bars on my windows.”

V. – August 2003