Amazing! Message Collection

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Amazing! – Not even close to an adequate word to describe God’s nature! Indeed, there is no collection of words (even if it were infinite!) to describe God, since He is indescribable! Hallelujah! But in this collection of a broad spectrum of testimonies and encouragements from Steve, gathered over many years of miracle ministry, you will find yourself exclaiming, “Amazing!” more than once! And you will be “spurred on” to good deeds [Heb 10:24] using the authority you have been given by Jesus, and with the power you have through the working of the Holy Spirit as he partners with you in your exploits for God. If you have been tempted to ask “Who, Me?” in the past when confronted with a need to “perform” miracles, this collection will help you make giant strides to the place where you can agree with Abba when he says, “Yes, YOU!” You will increasingly delight in your discovery that Abba thinks YOU are Amazing!

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