With a Little Help From Our Friends!


Your Father wants to show Himself strong on your behalf. In fact, He is “eager” to do so [2Chron. 16:9]! The myriad ways He supports you include his “dispatch” of angels to “assist” you as you are about His business. Steve shares amazing testimonies from the Father’s Touch ministry adventures that include such surprises as: ensuring that a woman of God with painful feet will “walk on sponges” the rest of her life; “Ugandan” angels shoveling mud to clear the road for a mission team in the middle of the night; “Guardians of Forgiveness” stationed over Hollywood; playful angels enjoying their “crop-dusting” of “locusts” that devour regional revival; and much more! Be encouraged by Steve’s apostolic prayer of empowerment at the end of this message, as he asks Abba to “open your spiritual eyes” to “see” the help from your “friends!”

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