Since 2004, FTM has been taking TouchTeams of volunteers to East Africa for adventures that are life-changing Our goal is that our team members get “wrecked beyond recognition” as they minister the love of Abba to many thousands of African people who are hungry for the Father’s touch in their lives. You will see many people healed right before your eyes as you pray, and many will give their lives to Christ as you share the Gospel with them during a variety of daytime outreaches. In the evenings you will participate in mass-evangelism “Freedom Festivals” as crowds of hundreds to many thousands gather to hear the message of Christ’s love and salvation, and to be healed and delivered from oppression.

Typically, our application deadlines are at least 90+ days prior to trip departure, as our mission team leaders need time to evaluate applications and you will need time to raise the funds for your trip after notice of your acceptance on the team. Trip announcements are usually made at least 4 to 5 months ahead of departure so you will have time to pray and seek the Lord’s will for you concerning a particular mission trip to East Africa.

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