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Freedom is For You! Message Collection



Freedom is For You! – Freedom from every hindrance to walking in the fullness of your relationship with God is so important to Jesus that he sacrificed himself on your behalf to make sure you have a pathway to this huge blessing! So, how can you access this freedom he “purchased” for you? This collection of Steve’s encouragements can be listened to in any order. The biblical foundation for freedom of many kinds and many levels is at the foundation of these messages that include encouraging testimonies from the files of The Father’s Touch “freedom ministry.” You will learn how to delight in the joy of experiencing true freedom in several ways that span a very broad spectrum of practical situations, as you embrace the reality of this expression of Jesus’ love for you. Join with the thousands of saints who have been blessed by agreeing with Abba that Freedom is For You!

You can buy these messages individually. Click the title below to view the individual message.

(There is no charge for some of these messages since they are also available in Steve’s free podcast collection.)