Boost Your Belief! Message Collection

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Boost Your Belief! – The power of belief cannot be overestimated! Jesus declared that “All things are possible for him who believes.” [Mark 9:23] So, how can you boost your belief? This collection of Steve’s encouragements can be listened to in any order. The biblical foundation for miracle ministry and many powerful testimonies from the files of The Father’s Touch are key features in this empowering collection. You will learn how to “unmask” unbelief, the incredible power unleashed when you say “Goodbye!” to your comfort zone, the amazing support of Abba as you take your belief choices “up another notch,” and why He delights when you “expect the outrageous” to manifest in your ministry as a son of God. Join with the thousands of saints who have been blessed by responding to this exhortation to Boost Your Belief!

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