Jessica Nakibuule-Mudde Bio

Jessica Nakibuule-Mudde is a native of Uganda in Central East Africa. After her dad’s death when she was very young, she was raised by her widowed mother along with her three sisters and one brother. Her mother eventually remarried, but Jessica’s new stepfather was Muslim. Her mother died several years ago and Jessica continued to be cared for by her stepfather, but he passed away in 2004. When she met Steve in 2005 in Kampala, he recognized the call on her life for healing ministry and partnered with her pastor to surprise her with ordination as a healing minister on the platform in front of a large Freedom-Festival crowd! Since that evening, Steve has served as a spiritual father to Jessica and was delighted to support and guide her in the preparation and launch of her official ministry of healing and evangelism.

Jessica is a blessed mama to a very beautiful daughter and is happily married to a wonderful, God-loving man named Enock, who supports her in many ways. One way he especially supports her is through her continuing outreach ministry that includes weekly outreaches to the lost, broken and hopeless. She has learned much about the compassion of the Lord through ministering to these precious ones who are hungry, sick and without medical care. Many have received Jesus into their hearts and are getting healing for their bodies and souls! Jessica currently resides with her family in Entebbe, Uganda, and trains other evangelists to join in her joy-filled ministry which brings the healing and hope of Jesus to many!

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