One of the passions that the Father has put on our hearts is to help encourage and raise up modern-day power ministries that will advance His Kingdom forcefully! [Mt. 11:12] He has spurred us to help break through barriers on behalf of His sons and daughters as they step into their destinies He has fashioned for them. As these ministers emerge to begin fulfilling their commission and carry out the work of the Father, there is a clear need to help pave the way with practical, effective preparation and equipping for their eventual launch as full-fledged, vibrant servants of the Kingdom!

While several excellent “schools of the supernatural” are indeed equipping many warriors for ministry, there is also a clear need for more vehicles for actual “launch.” There are several ways that these emerging apostles/ prophets/ evangelists can be assisted and encouraged, one of the most important being the provision of opportunities for “hands-on” experience in the harvest field!

There is a need to provide “platforms”, real as well as symbolic, for emerging sons of God to be powerfully effective in winning the lost, healing the sick, and freeing the oppressed! From ordination and commissioning of local healing ministers in several locations in Africa, to the “spontaneous” urging of team members to preach from the platform at healing crusades, we have witnessed (many times!) the incredible anointing that is released upon and through these “champions” of the Kingdom as they are provided an opportunity to “soar”.

We believe that The Father’s Touch Ministries is called to help foster an environment for preparation, ignition, and launch of these champions and their ministries.

In many ways, we sense a “count-down” up to the actual “launch” of these ministries. By this we mean, several key components coming into alignment in preparation for “flight”. Hence the name for our group of Associates: T-Minus-Ten TouchTeam. They are almost ready! They have been preparing for a while now. They have been through the schools, the internships, the training, etc., and now need help with their countdown to launch!

Each Associate has my enthusiastic endorsement and a hearty recommendation to minister in your community and church. They each have an incredible passion to follow hard after God and pursue His Kingdom with tenacity and tenderness.

Meet the team (below) and please pray about supporting one or more of them with your prayers and financial resources. They rely on the generosity of servants of God who have the desire to see emerging ministers launched into their destinies, forming an army of passionate champions who will advance the Kingdom forcefully, for His glory! Over 90% of the support funds raised for our Associates go directly to their individual ministry accounts to help them countdown!

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