Ashley Heath Bio

In 2008 Ashley lived in China and worked as an English Teacher and missionary. While building friendships with people and sharing God’s radical grace, her heart came alive. In a world that is quick to assess worth based on accomplishments, successes, wealth and popularity, she loved sharing the truth that people don’t need to change to be worthy of God’s love and connection.

While living in China she read the book, “Always Enough” by Heidi Baker. The book documents Heidi and her husband Rolland’s work in Africa amongst some of the poorest people on earth. Throughout the book, Heidi shares God’s miraculous provision and healing power in the most desperate circumstances. Reading this book combined with her time in China proved invaluable for Ashley to realize her true calling in life; she was to move to Africa and minister to others in the name of Jesus Christ.

After returning to the US from China in 2008 Ashley continued to go on short-term mission trips, taking several trips to South Africa, Spain, Mexico, and Haiti. In 2016 she quit her job, and traveled to Uganda for three months, to serve as a missionary with Show Mercy International.  Most recently Ashley served in Mozambique where she volunteered for an organization providing job training, education, and discipleship to girls and women with backgrounds of sexual exploitation.  Ashley is passionate about working with vulnerable women and is currently exploring promising locations and ministries for her next service abroad.