One of the passions that the Father has put on our hearts is to help encourage,  raise up, and support full- or part-time missionaries who have been called by the Father to advance His Kingdom forcefully [Mt 11:12], in both international and domestic arenas!

Each FTM Missionary has my enthusiastic endorsement and hearty recommendation to minister in your community and church, as well as on the mission field.   They have incredible passion to follow hard after God and pursue His Kingdom with tenacity and tenderness.

Meet the missionaries (below) and please pray about supporting one or more of them with your prayers and financial resources.  They rely on the generosity of servants of God who have the desire to be “senders,” supporting a growing army of passionate champions who will advance the Kingdom forcefully, for His glory!  Over 90% of the support funds raised for our Missionaries goes directly to their individual support accounts.”

Overseas Missionary

In high school Ashley went on her first international ministry trip to Chiapas, Mexico, where she discovered a passion for missions. Ashley has extensive experience working cross culturally and has participated in global mission work for the last 20 years. Ashley is passionate about helping women with backgrounds of exploitation and abuse to heal from their trauma so they can live hope filled futures.