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From the Homefront

God is moving!

By January 1, 2006December 17th, 2021No Comments

I want to share with you how your ministry touched my life when you were here in Los Alamos. During your ministry over me, you placed your hands on my vocal cords and began speaking over them. I was screaming as I was overtaken with raw supernatural power surging through my body. It was so powerful, I literally thought I would die, and that was okay with me! You also spoke extreme holiness over me several times. Well guess what??! My thyroid disease of 30 years is healed!!! Gone!! When I took my medication the next couple of days, it gave me symptoms so I stopped it. Every time in the past that I’ve even tried to cut down, I’ve experienced debilitating symptoms for many days following. It’s been weeks now and I am medication free!! My thyroid is totally healed!! Also, God has continued to work deeply in me. He’s called me to an even deeper level of consecration and separation that I’ve ever known before. And I thought I was pretty set apart for the past 2 years! WOW! He is walking me through this new calling step by step. My husband is baptizing me this weekend as a prophetic act of this new walk He is calling me to. Yesterday, when you were praying, I once again could physically feel the supernatural power surging through my body. I heard the lightnings and thunderings of God again. I loved it that God was letting me participate in the spirit. He just overtakes me with His Goodness!!! My heart delights in Him!! And I thank Him for you, dear Lynne, and your willingness to lay your life down for Jesus and His precious ones.

My heart honors you,

Circa 2006