Cari Lynn Channell

Father’s Friend Coordinator

Cari was saved at six years old and discovered that God marked her life for a heavenly purpose. Cari’s love and compassion for healing the sick was stirred while leading a Father’s Touch Team in Southern CA. Having the privilege of leading a Sozo team as well, she witnessed many lives healed from the inside out.

As the Father’s Touch Partner Coordinator, Cari brings the experience of working for Focus on the Family Ministries in Public Affairs. She understands first-hand how important it is to connect with ministry partners and honor their invaluable role in furthering the Kingdom of God.

Cari and her husband Reed had the privilege of being Associate Ministers with Father’s Touch prior to launching their own “Craveheart Ministries” in 2017. Reed and Cari have three beautiful grown children and reside in Southern CA.