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Adventures in Africa

Raised from the dead!

By May 10, 2009October 15th, 2021No Comments

The details leading up to Pastor Ruben being raised from the dead: Pastor Ruben shared that back in 2000 a Senior Pastor in a Church that he was attending was sleeping with a number of the women in the Church. Pastor Ruben found this out because the women came and complained to him that this was happening. So Pastor Ruben went and talked to the Senior Pastor as a brother. When the Senior Pastor was confronted with his sin, he told Pastor Ruben that he wanted him dead. So Pastor Ruben went to the elders of the Church and explained the situation, the elders checked out the situation and the Senior Pastor was put out of the Church. The same day Pastor Ruben became sick, and also he became afraid of the dark and ground his teeth and talked in his sleep. Witch doctors had cursed him…

I was sharing a room with Pastor Ruben at the Ihusi Hotel, Goma, D.R. Congo, as he was working with our team in Goma. At 3 am Sunday morning, May 10th,2009 I was woken up by the Holy Spirit. I looked over at Pastor Ruben who was on the bed by the window. He was lying on his back, with his arms crossed in the air, stiff and he was not breathing. I got out of my bed and went over to check on him. He did not respond. So I rolled him over on his left side, he was not breathing, all his muscles and limbs were stiff, and his skin was cool to touch. So I put my left hand on his head and my right hand on his chest, and bound the enemy and started praying and declaring the things the Holy Spirit was giving me to pray in the name of JESUS. About 5 mins went by and suddenly Pastor Ruben sucked in air and started breathing.

I worked in the Prince George Regional Hospital for almost 20 years, and I noticed Pastor Ruben had the death rattle to his breathing as his lungs were full of fluid. So I continued to pray and Pastor Ruben coughed out the fluid and some blood on both sides of the bed, and in the bed. Then his breathing became normal and I returned to my bed and continued to pray for him. About 1/2 hour later he opened his eyes, I asked him how he was, he did not respond. So I got out of bed and was on my way over to him. When the demon who was tormenting him saw me it screamed in terror, eyes wide open, Pastor Rubens body fell of the bed on the other side, and climbed back on the bed with eyes closed. So I continued to pray.

About 1/2 hour later Pastor Ruben woke up and I talked with him for a short while, he was ok. So I went back to sleep. In the morning I woke up and Pastor Ruben tried to get out of bed and he was weak and struggling to walk. He called his intercessors and his wife on his cell phone to pray. And he asked me to get Pastor Steve Trullinger to come and pray for him. So I went and found Pastor Steve and explained the situation.

Pastor Steve Trullinger came and laid his hands on Pastor Ruben and we both prayed for Pastor Ruben. Pastor Steve bound the enemy and delivered Pastor Ruben from what was tormenting him, and suddenly Pastor Ruben’s head shook for a moment. Then Pastor Steve prayed for Pastor Ruben’s lungs, and they were totally healed, and he breathed deeply to check. Then we prayed for Pastor Ruben’s muscles and the rest of his body, and he was totally healed from the damage caused to his body from dying. We asked him to move his limbs, and he walked. Pastor Ruben said there was no pain, or weakness, and he was totally healed. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!

Tony Penson
Kitimat, B.C.

To download a pdf file containing a picture of Pastor Reuben, Tony’s testimony, and Steve’s testimony and reflections on this amazing miracle, visit this URL:

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